Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring has Sprung!!! Finally

It's been a busy April here in Indiana on the Bear Farm.

First off, I want to congratulate Tracy for winning my 12 week online challenge. She lost 17 pounds and 20.5 inches. All of my ladies did a great job. Congratulations to each of them. I have pictures of Tracy on my site-it won't let me load them to blogger?

I will be starting another 12 week challenge in May, if you are interested. Just email me for details.

Izabella has started softball already w/ her little sister wanting to play also. I can't believe it's time for softball, t-ball seems alot safer! She had a great birthday w/ a HUGE sleepover. We also went to the Kentucky Horse Park - which was really cool. She even lost her first tooth-she's growing up too fast. This past weekend we went to the Shriners Circus-a MUST if they come to your city. It's a great cause and great fun for the kids. It was much better than Ringley Brothers-not sure I spelled that correct?

We have started to have baby calves on the farm. My dad always said when calving becomes "not" exciting it's time to move on. Well we are so excited to see the babies in the field. I don't know how it could never be "NOT" exciting. Both Clydesdales have received their "Spring Cleaning". It took Kenny and I about 1 hour per horse to bath. My stallion went right back out there and rolled as soon as he could-he loves mud. They sure do look pretty on that green grass. IT's nice to finally sit and watch all the birds in our feeders. You can tell it's getting warmer here.

Well till next time, hope it's warming up where you live too.

Email me anytime if you have questions about anything.