Monday, December 27, 2010

Anyone Else want to get into the CHALLENGE???

I hope you had a MERRY CHRISTMAS we did, it was a little nuts. Why do they have to make 2yr old toys that hook-up to your computer and WHY do we pay the China people to package the 1000 pieces that go to a toy in 100 twisty ties? It takes longer get the toy out of the box than it does to actually go to work to pay for the toy!!! Kenny was about to pull his hair out w/ some of these baby doll pieces.

If there is anyone else that wants to get in my 12 week challenge email me ASAP or call me.

I'm going to send out your questionaires today.

Good Luck and GO ACHIEVE YOUR 2011 GOALS

Also contact me or Beth if you are interested in the Brookville workout weekend. We have some great things planned.

Happy 2011

Friday, December 17, 2010

12 Week Challenge w/ a GRAND PRIZE WINNER

I will be having a 12 week challenge beginning Jan 1st. There will be a GRAND Prize winner based on inches and weight lose. Everyone will receive the same program weekly w/ a few changes depending on what you have access too. You will get weights/cardio/diet trac sheets. The cost is only 175.00 for 12 weeks.
Email me today w/ details to get signed up.
Bearclaw@seidata.comI WANT/WILL help you achieve your goals for 2011. If I can do it-so can you.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Train w/ me, Lishia & Tara in January

I'm so excited to say I will get to train w/ my friend Tara and her clients at Urban Cottage. She came to visit me last winter and now I get to visit her. There are a few spots left so contact me ASAP if intersted. It's funny cause Tara is also a nail tech and her hubby knows the Parrillo way-which is what we will be teaching.

Monday, December 6, 2010

What a Trip !!!!

I can't believe I went from putting on sun-block 1 day to a snow suit the next:) How's that happen? Good ole' Indiana weather.
We went on the best vacation ever-4 generation Disney Cruise then came home to put on our snow suits and go to a Horse Christmas Parade:)
We took my mom and 86 yr old Grandma on a Disney Cruise and let me tell ya, I'll never go back to Disney after that. No lines to see the characters, no lines to eat, the wonderful food 24 hours a day, the sun, the Disney Beach, the pools, the waiters, the seafood, the BOAT-everything was amazing and so much cheaper than Disney. I couldn't believe how the characters interacted w/ the childen all week. Izabella had a club that was all her age, they made cookies, learned to dance w/ Snow White, the Mickey Slide, the things for Rozalee to do, the adults only floor to watch football, bingo for Grandma-you name it they had it. I still am in ahhhh about the trip.
We had so much FUN-our view was beautiful. The veranda was perfect and the towel animals were too cute. I need to be a Disney Cruise sales person!!! I can't speak highly enough about it.

Did I mention all the girls including my Grandma got their hair braided in the Bahamas!!! Izabella & Rozalee still have theirs in today.
What was bad was coming home to a snow storm. I love the snow but I hate driving in it. We went to our annual Lebanon Christmas Horse parade on Saturday. It was very pretty w/ the snow and the sleds decorated w/ the horses. I love this holiday season. We put up our tree last night as we watched the Colts lose. I thought Kenny was going to climb into the TV and throw the ball for Peyton. I'm finishing decorating today. Santa will be here Saturday so I'll have some pics to post then too. I think he has a surpise for everyone this year?????

I messed up the dates

The dates for the Turning Point 24 Hour Gym are Jan 8 & 9th. I messed up, it's Sat/Sun not Fri/Sat.

It's never to late to get into the best shape of your life. Learn how to keep your New Year's Resolution and get the body are want.

Space is limited so contact me today. We want to make sure everyone gets one-on-one attention.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Congratulations to NICOLE AGAIN:)

I'm SO SO proud of her. She looked even better than at the Monster Mash. She placed 4th at the Kentucky Muscle which is a HUGE show. She placed 4th in the figure A class.
Someone once told her she needed to take drugs to get on stage-MAN did I prove that trainer WRONG. You do not need drugs to compete just a good trainer that can give you proper advice about eating enough food and training HARD.

Way to go. If you are looking to compete in 2011 or have a goal you need to achieve-let me know. That's what I do best.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Turning Point 24 Hour Gym in Brookville, In

A New Year A New YOU!!!
Come workout w/ me Sat & Sun January 7-8 in Brookville. Start the year out right with your New Years GOALS. I'll make sure you achieve them. Email me at for more info. Space is limited so you will recieve one-on-one attention.
Hope to see you there.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Congratulations NICOLE!!!

Nicole is the lady I was telling you about earlier. She has a great story-like most women BUT she made time for herself to compete. She had a goal and went after it. She placed 2nd in Figure Novice out of 13 and 2nd in her figure class which had 10 girls in it. I was so proud of her, I was so nervous, you would of thought that it was me up there. She is going to compete again in a few weeks.

I hope you all had a great Halloween. My Minnie Mouses sure did!!!!! We have enough candy to last us till next years Halloween. Izabella wants to wear her outfit when we go on our Disney Cruise. Hey, if anyone has done a Disney Cruise let me know. The entire family on my side is going and I want to know if there is something I should or shouldn't do. We are so excited. I've never been in a cruise before!!!

Also let me know if you are interested in the Brookville Workout Weekend at teh new gym. It's Jan 8-9. My friend Beth is already teaching classes there so it should be a great weekend.

It will be similar to the one her and Joyce Rogers did last year. I will be teaching more than legs this year though!!!! I know all the ladies loved the leg workout!!!!
Have a great week and GO COLTS!!!!
I'm heading to the MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME!!!! I've never been so I'm so excited. Should be a good game!!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Lishia Dean and I are heading to ALASKA !!!!

We are doing a training camp at T.N.A. Fitness in December. Email me if you want details. Space is limited, so everyone will get one-on-one attention.

I'm trying to upload the flyer but my computer won't allow me to do it for some stupid reason-probably operator error!!!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween right around the corner

Why can't my girls decide what they want to be for Halloween??? Izabella changes her mind every couple days. I guess she is like most of us females-we can't decide if we want to go to the gym, sleep in a few extra minutes, eat clean or go to a fast food place, take a family walk or just sit on the couch-sound familiar?
It's time to make up your mind and make TIME for you-only 1 hour 5x a week is all you need-any could even do a little less if you wanted to be a little more intense in a shorter amount of time.
Start thinking about your goals TODAY-not tomorrow and set them and GO ACHIEVE THEM. It's not that hard. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT???
This has been my saying since I lost my baby weight in 2005-and I'm sticking to it.
Ladies, we all want to stay in our warm beds an extra hour but does that make up for the dessert/drinks you had this week? NO, so get up and get your butt moving.
Ok enough of that-
I'm going to have a transformation make-over starting Jan 1st to help keep ladies motivated and headed in the right direction. Email me now if you are interested. There will be a great prize for the top 3 winners.
I will also be helping my 2 dear friends Beth & Joyce at their BFF Weekend in Brookville in January. Email me if you have any questions-we will have a blast and you will learn TONS. It's at a NEW gym in Brookville.

Well if I can motivate you in any way email me at
Congratulations to Julie Borchert-a former Getphatonline client was also featured in this months Oxygen-Off the Couch issue. I worked w/ her when I worked for GetPhat. Julie went after her goals and look at her now!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Congratulations Joyce

I want to sent a HUGE CONGRAULATIONS to Joyce-my very first client and she's the reason I became a personal trainer. Joyce is in this months Oxygen mag Special Edition. She has had a huge transformation. You'll have to pick ya up a magazine and she how she can motivate you. WAY TO GO-so proud of her.

I have another motivational client-Nicole. She'll be competing in her first show at the Monster Mash. She is kicking butt making huge changes to her body. I can't wait to see her on stage. She's a single mom, just started a new job (she's been traveling for 3 weeks for training) has a house and a 2 yr old to care for and STILL gets in her cardio, weights and STICKS TO HER DIET. It can be done:) I'm very excited to see her on stage. I saw her in her suit last night and she looks amazing.
We all have stress, work issues, family issues, kid issues, school issues and the list can go on and on. The difference is who can work through those issues and still make time for themselves-only 1 to 1 1/2 hours a day 5 x a week? You can't control your issues-only GOD has that control, it's how you deal w./ them that is up to you. Don't let stress and ISSUES take control-get to the gym or go for a walk and get rid of those stress issues. Take it out on the pavement or on the squat rack. YOU CAN DO IT.
Ok, enough on that. We had our Aurora's Farmer's Fair this past weekend. This was the first time Rozalee was big enough to ride rides. What a blast-funny thing is last weekend (same carnival company) said she wasn't tall enough-guess she grew a bunch in a week:) LOL. The parade was great, my grandma loved it. It was a bit chilly but well worth it. Kenny and his old buddy on the slide-who would of thought they would go from racing dirt bikes/harley's/quads to racing on the fair slide!!!

Hope you all have a great week and MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF-don't feel quilty-you deserve it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Exteme Training Camp

What can I say-I have been to lots of camps but NONE that even touches this kind of camp. Totally different than what I'm used too.

There were male, female bodybuilders, figure, fitness and bikini competitors and ladies just getting ready to take the stage for the first time. I have been working w/ John Parrillo since January and I thought I had learned alot from him already. Well, I learned much more, not only about how and why he designed equipment like he has but the how and why you need to eat to get ready for a show and how to eat getting ready for a show so you don't blow up afterwards. He teaches how to eat in the off season and how not to get fat. With all the products he has you can't get fat. Who else had protein cookies, ice kreem, brownies, frosting, cake mix and much more that is sugar free and fat free AND MADE ALL IN THE USA!!!!!!!!!
We started on Friday night w/ dinner and chatting. We had tilapia, green beans and the best salad I have ever had in my life. All the participants could sample anything they wanted all weekend. There were some bodybuilers in the protein brownies, ice kreem and frosting-that thought they died and went to heaven. We started discussing nutrition while our food settled, then it was time to hit the floor. We did 30 minutes of cardio which was made up into 2 minute then 1 minute stations some exmples were incline presses, swing squat, leg press, shoulder press, abs and more. I made it through that OK but was soaked at the end. Lishia stayed w/ me and let me tell ya we both slept well. I was amazed at people that do 2 hours of cardio a day that were struggling w/ 30 minutes.
On Saturday we started w/ back and ended w/ a 100 rep set. Yes, my lats are hurting today. I have been training back w/ John since April and I can honestly say that my summer shirts from last year don't fit this year. I have grown so much in my lats that I even had to by bigger bras. I love it.
We had chicken, stuffed peppers, salad, baked pot. and I can't even rememeber all that was served-all of it was amazing and all of the recipes are online in the CapTri cookbook, if you are interested. After a few more discussions it was time for legs. I demo'ed how to do Parrillo Pelvic Pushes w/ 3 plates just cause I do them weekly. Then it was BELT SQUAT TIME. I have only done this 1x in my life. I was SCARED TO DEATH. We all did 1 100 # plate for 20 reps, then 200# for 15, 300# for 12 and 400# for as many as you can do then 100# for 100 reps. My goal was to match Lishia at 16, well my mind was in the right place and I won at 21 reps w/ 400# belted to my waist. It also shows how important a spotter is when lifting this heavy. After that we were all shot and did 10o rep set for calves and ate dinner.
On Sunday we did a cardio session that was the hardest I have ever done in my life. Try sprinting on a treadmill w/ it turned off, doing a powerlifter move then pylos for your resting period. All in 1 minute, 45 sec and 30 second intervals. We had 3 sec. to get to the next station, we couldn't stop till we made the 3 sec mark. I was about to start kicking peoples butts myself to get them to move it!!! We then ate breakfast and had these sweet pot muffins and a killer keish (not sure how to even spell that)? We went over chest, shoulders and abs. How many of you use your hip flexors when you do abs? I learned how NOT to use your hip flexors at ALL??? I learned how to train different parts of your pecs and different parts of your shoulders and how to isolate a muscle. I had never learned this before. I was amazed how form was the most important thing, it's not about moving the weight to get it where it needs to be but doing it properly to avoid injury and actually make the muscles grow. The thing I love about John is that he has been around for over 30 years and he showed bodybuilders how to grow by eating the proper calories and training HARD CORE. It's not about taking drugs to get there but to be patient and work freakin HARD. Pain is NOT an option at PARRILLO. I think that's where the powerlifting days come out in him. YOU DO NOT STOP WHEN IT GETS HARD or you do MORE. IF YOU DON'T GET DEEP ENOUGH YOU DO IT AGAIN. I am totally changing my body and I'm eating very clean and enjoying it. It's awesome and the group was awesome. It was cool to be working out w/ IFBB Pros and people working to get their pro card. It's all about having the mind set to get to the next level-unless your mind is set you won't be able to do it. SET IT TODAY!!!! I did

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

I had a WONDERUL BIRTHDAY WEEKEND. I love that my birthday is on a holiday weekend. Friday we grilledd out, had a campfire and ate Smores, Saturday we took the Jeep and the girls to get a Dairy Queen Blizzard, Kenny and I got to go to dinner and a movie then Sunday we had another birthday party. At 8:30PM Kenny decided to invite all the kids over for a sleepover. We made Smores at midnight and all the kids, Kenny and his sister slept in a tent outside by our campfire/pool. It was too cold for Rozalee-so she slept in the bed w/ me. The kids woke up this morning wanting pancakes:) Kenny and his sister ended up sleeping on the ground. I honestly thought one of the kids would get scared and want to go home but they had a ball. Izabella was so happy that her daddy came up w/ that idea. After everyone went home, we took another Jeep ride to get more Dairy Queen. Izabella likes DQ more than I do-if you can believe that.

Needless to say between all the Dairy Queen, hamburgers, chips and beer-I'll be doing extra cardio this week. I had so much fun though-it was worth it. Did I mention Kenny and the girls got me a Dairy Queen CAKE, and the girls made me the cutest card. I am very blessed w/ a wonderful family.
Last week 2 of my friends made me more cake and peanut butter pie:) Thanks Beth and Joyce. We went to the park for a nice walk and lunch. Rozalee and I are still taking weekly long bike rides. My friend Joyce got me biker shorts w/ padding and a new seat for my bike-I lOVE it and so does my butt.
Also last weekend we attended the weekend long GRAVELRAMMA. If you don't know what it is-google it!!! It's built up Jeeps and trucks climbing a 7 story high sand pile. These guys put thousands and thousands of dollars in their motors. It's awesome. On Friday night we watched the flat drags and Izabella couldn't wait till morning to see the hill climb. I actually got to see an old friend climb the hill. It was a great weekend in Southeastern Indiana!!! It made up for me missing Turtle Fest.
This weekend I will be getting my own butt kicked for 3 days straight by John Parrillo and Mike Feulner. I'm actually scared and very nervous. I am praying that I don't puke and that I can just survive this weekend. I know guys that have a tough time, so I can only imagine what I will be doing - especially my Dairy Queen belly:)
I hope you all had as much fun as I have the past 2 weeks. I'll have more pics soon of the late night camp over.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

School Started!!!

I've never seen someone so eager to go to school and a little sister so eager for her to come home!!! Izabella is in Kindergarten-and I can't believe it. She's loving it but her sister isn't. Rozalee is so excited when I say let's go get the golf cart and pick up your sissy. The bus drops her off at the end of our driveway. It's been an exciting week.
WELL It's OFFICIAL I am a PARRILLO CERTIFIED TRAINER!!! I'm so excited, I'm already using what I have learned on my clients this week. I still can't believe all that I learned. All of my classmates said the same thing.
I have to admit my training slacked the last 2 weeks due to me not feeling well and it showed in my bodystats. I kicked ass this week and THANK GOD it showed. It's amazing what a sickness will do to your strength and cardio and just not wanting to eat. It proves that eating is very important when it comes to putting on muscle and burning fat.
Well the Bears are off to a Gymnastics Carnival:) Wish us luck, it's a 2 dayer!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy 2 weeks !!!!!

What a busy 2 weeks. My Aunt and Uncle came in from Maryland to surprise my Grandma and that it was. I got to see my cousin-I haven't seen in awhile. We had a little family reunion which was nice. The following week my other cousin came in from Maryland-him and his wife have never been to our house. We took them to the winery-which was FUN. This past weekend had 3 B-day parties at our house. Kenny, his dad and uncle all have the same birthday. I let the girls decorate the cake!!!!
Rozalee has joined gymnastics, so now my living room and couch have turned into a jumping gym. Both of them are on their heads more than their feet:) Rozalee tries to do whatever her big sister does.
We got to house sit a kitty. Izabella wanted her to stay but she had to go back home. We are teaching our mastiff how to pull the wagon. It was actually his 1st birthday on the same day as everyone else's-Aug 8th. Our old mastiff loved pulling the wagon-Bear hasn't quite got the hang of it yet.
It's actually been nice enough to go get on the horses too. We even had a baby calf last week.
Well my training is still about lifting to mean it!!!! I've been mixing my cardio up cause I'm getting bored w/ it. I can't wait till it gets a little cooler to get outside w/ the girls. They just get too hot in that stroller-plus we have idiot neighbors that won't tie up their dogs. We have called the cops and everything but we have to have proof that they are chasing us, trying to bite us etc. I told the cop, I'll video tape his as he's eating my leg!!!! Why are people so stupid? My shoulder is finally getting to where I can press 15 pounds again-I'm so excited to start hitting shoulders, like I used too. Shoulder sx is NO fun.
Well if ya want to come train, let me know. I'd love to have ya.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Where is the Summer Going?

Congratulations to Amanda and David!! What a beautiful wedding. It was great to see alot of the ladies I used to work w/ as a Vet Tech at Ethicon. I miss the people but not the corporate crap that went along w/ it.
This is where I have to preach that you have to like your job to be happy 100%. I got to the miserable point at that place-fun job, good paycheck but not worth the stress.
T-ball is finally over. We all had a great season. Next year Izabella will be in instructional softball-and I'm not reading a LONG rule book to coach!!!
Well I'm trying to get better at facebook, I just don't see how everyone finds the time to type in all that they do all day. I'm trying and my friends are giving me crap for not being on there all the time.
Congratulations to Joyce Rogers, my very first client will be in a very popular magazine soon. I helped her do her video for them. I'm very excited for her-she has come a long way.
I have several clients that are kicking butt and I'm getting ready to help a few get onstage for the first time. I'm very excited for them.
Let me know if you are looking for a trainer.
Remember it's not how long you train but how smart you train. A Parrillo trainer told me that last week when one of his clients saw me start a leg workout and finish it in 30 minutes. Trust me that 30 minutes kicked my ass. Literally!!!
Have a great last week of HOT JULY.
Till next time,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy July 4th

Man, time flies by. It seems like forever since I have blogged. I just got done reading the girls a book and putting them to bed. I used to not have time or I used to think that work was more important than reading to the girls. BAD MISTAKE, if you are doing what I used to do-put work aside and MAKE THAT TIME to read to your kids at night. They are only little once. My girls love it.
Our trip to Tx was PERFECT. Thanks to Dave and Lisa for being amazing host. I felt like I was in a hotel being waited on all day. Talk about amazing Tx cooking-OMG it was the best. They can grill that's FORSURE. We did go to the PINK PENGUIN-frozen yogurt w/ a wall(I'm serious a full wall) of toppings. Izabella had cereal as her toppings, Rozalee and I split one that had 10 toppings on it. They both flew perfect-I was impressed and so were the flight attendants. All we did for 3 days was cardio, train and then lay by the pool. It was a great little get away. I didn't even take my computer-first time in about 7 yrs going somewhere w/out it. Izabella is already asking when we get to go on another trip.
We came home and went to a fireman's festival parade that Izabella got to ride on a float. It was the first parade I went to that they handed out beer and candy. We also had a great HOT 4th weekend. I hope you all had a great 4th w/ family and friends. We went to a parade and fireworks on Saturday. It was weird seeing everyone at church wearing red/white and blue. I love making holiday memories w/ the girls and Kenny. I know some people that spend holidays away from their kids and I just don't understand that. Try to spend as much time as you can w/ them because they WILL remember that when they grow up.
Rozalee had her 2nd birthday on the 5th, so we had a nice party here and the kids got to swim in the 90+ humid weather. She was a trip opening her presents. She takes after me when it comes to food. She had 3 pieces of cake:) Of course her big sister had to help her open up the presents.
Well now to the training. I was worried after all of the "fun outings" but I kept up my cardio and hard ass training and lost 2 pounds of fat and gained 2 pounds of muscle-so I am happy w/ that. I swear by the Parrillo Ice Kreem-I no longer have night cravings cause if I do I just eat some of that and I'm good to go till morning. I'm still eating clean and loving it. I'm not bored and best of all I'm not starving.
Till next time, have a great day and train hard