Saturday, February 27, 2010

My poor pup-he gets dressed up like a girl DAILY:) Just had to share that pic w/ ya.
I had 2 HARD WORKING women from Canada join me last week for a few days. I know they went back home w/ LOTS of stuff-not just shopping items/food items but knowledge too. They made me realize that we take alot for granted in the US. They do not have the food options we have here. It was my pleasure to host them here. They will both continue their journey up in Calgary.
I am down more weight in a week-about 3 pounds. I put my pics side by side from last week to this week. My shoulder is doing better but still swollen. It's amazing what hard work will do. Why go through the motions-get in the gym w/ a focus and DO IT. Push that weight, you don't make changes doing a workout 1/2 way. You have to have your mind in what you are doing. Get that MIND/Muscle connection WORKING. I pulled out some of Kenny's old Muscle & Fitness mags from the early 80's. Trust me they are nothing like they are today. There is actually articles in there worth reading. It teaches ya how to actually workout and work out hard. I'm not saying you have to puke every time you work out but you need a good hard core workout every once in awhile. Some of the lady bodybuilers wrote some really good articles about changing your body by actually picking up a bar and squatting!!! You will NOT look like a man if you do this but you will have nice legs/butt.
Hard work counts-but only if done correctly. Nothing is free in this world so you have to work for what you want. I want GREAT BUTT & Legs!!!!
Find what works for you and go do it.
Have a great week and stop by and see me Saturday at the Arnold.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Feb.19th already?

Where has the time gone? We have been snowed in for 2 weeks. The kids are now going to school till June 15th:( So much for a summer break. I'm ready for Spring already. We have been using the loader on tracks for cleaning the driveway. The girls love it. We finally had Izabella's school Valentine's Day party today.
I'm back on track-well I never fell off w/ the legs just the upper body training. I'm sticking to my diet 100%. Cardio is kicking and I'm loosing fat weekly-which I love. I did have a bad week the week of sx. I gained a little fat but I cut out some carbs and w/in 6 days I lost 2 pounds of fat:)
It's amazing what a little tweeking of a diet will do. I finally am doing a diet and I'm not starving. This is awesome. I can loose weight and not be ready to eat the kitchen table. I got my butt kicked by John again yesterday. Man, I can hardly walk today. I have decided that if I'm going to put myself through the pain and hardwork I go through w/ him-I'm not even eating 1 of Izabella's goldfish. NO WAY am I messing this hard work up. I think natural child birth is easier than his leg workouts and I'm being dead serious. That man knows his stuff.

I have 2 ladies spending a few days w/ me from Calgary Canada this weekend, so I'll be posting more pics soon.
Have a great blessed week

Friday, February 5, 2010


I returned from an awesome 2010 Calgary camp. It was nice and cold up there but well worth the trip. We got home on Monday night and I woke up Tuesday morning to go have shoulder sx. I won't be posting pics this week due to my arm being in a sling. I'm getting better daily. I honestly didn't think it would hurt as bad as it did. I had Kenny take the dressing off of it last night so I could at least take a bath. I'm heading for my check-up, hope it is where the dr wants it to be.
Have a Phat Weekend