Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grandma babysitting

I leave my 2 girls w/ my mom and my grandma and come home to this!

They were hot and wanted it to snow. Izabella got out her winter clothes hoping for snow so she could go sled riding. I told her she has to wait a few more months for that!

Jen and I are headed to NY this weekend for camp. Are you all ready for a Labor Day celebration? I am because it's my birthday and I'm going to eat CAKE w/ lots of icing. This will be the first year (in awhile) I will eat it and not think twice about it.
If you are stressing over your weight-you're not going to loose it. Trust me- I know. Stress can do more harm than good. As long as you do your best and work as hard as you can in the gym, that's what matters most. You didn't gain the weight overnight-so you're not going to loose it overnight. Be patient BUT don't have 100+ excuses of why you can't loose the weight. I've heard enough excuses this summer of why I can't do it-I should write a book.
This is my favorite saying that a few of my clients are sick of hearing me say. Yes, you will have days when your head is not in the game-I have em' too. If you do, then take the day off, if it makes you feel better. We all do-we are all human. Don't beat yourself up about it. Start the next day as a new day and a better day.
Well I got to finish packing camp stuff. Until next week-Happy Labor Day
It's a holiday-enjoy it w/ family and friends. Be thankful for all you do have and don't worry about the things you don't have. Worrying isn't going to make you have them!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Congratulations Adela

I want to send a HUGE Congratulations to Adela. She came back after a terrible knee sx and won the Europa this past weekend!!!!

The Bear glan went to the Indy Zoo this past week-it's nothing like Cincinnati. The kids had fun and that is all that matters. Izabella got to ride a horse. Kenny and I went to Crue Fest and it was AWESOME. I have to admit Vince Neil is gorgeous. Tommy Lee hurt his hand and couldn't drum:( Godsmack was actually better than Motley Crue.

It's humid as heck in Indiana, so we just have been hanging out in the pool. I got a few more cows so I got to build fence in this humid weather. The girls love having the cows by the house. Rozalee can feed our bull, he eats out of her hand.
Kenny had a birthday. I let Izabella decorate the cake. She said her daddy was number 1, so that's why we put a 1 on it instead of 44 candles.

As far as training, I'm still doing cardio 5x a week. I actually just got done walking w/ the girls. My legs are still sore from Friday's training. I've been playing w/ protein powder and making a few recipes. I did a blackberry cobbler that was pretty good. I've been picking blackberries all summer. My goal was 5 gallons so I could get some blackberry wine made. I didn't get that accomplished because my dogs are eating my berries before I can get them all picked. I love sharing my experiments w/ ya, so let me know if you have any ideas you want to share or want me to share. I made the girls home made pizza Thursday night out of protein powder and they loved it. I used it instead of flour for the crust.

Well I have to go work at the salon today so until next week.

Have a good one and e-mail me if you need anything.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Forgot a few pics

I forgot to transfer these from my camera. This is my client loving me at my high school track. LOL
She's going to have a great transformation story in a few months.

Indiana may need to build an ARK

Well, the rain has stopped and the sun is finally out. It's about time it feels like SUMMER. I may get to swim today:) We've only got to swim 2x this summer due to the terrible weather.
I got to have lunch w/ a good friend Katie and her boys on the Ohio river last week. The girls had fun. One of my high schools friends was in from Florida, so we went to visit her. Her entire family was home so the kids played, fished, picked berries, got to pet some horses and make smore's by the campfire. Did I mention I had 1 or 2 also!!!

Kenny and I finally got a weekend together w/ Jen, Brian, Lishia and some of Brian's family at Lake Erie. This was a NON-working weekend and I had a blast. It was nice to get away. Kenny and I have never been there before.

For the first time, all of us sat down and had a drink, cheesburger and fries. This never happens because one of us is always dieting for a show. My husband was actually the one that noticed it. Kenny said, "you're all eating"!!!! It is so nice to eat and have fun and NOT worry about it. Lishia made a statement that made alot of sense. We are in our off-season and we think we look fat, but the difference is that we know how to get it off in 8-12 weeks where others don't. We actually look half way decent compare to the rest of the women out there. This is where women have issues, they think we look like we do at a show, year round-and we can't. I've had a few people tell me, wow your puttin on weight-and I just say YES and I love it. The only way to make changes to your body is to put on weight while continuing to workout in your off-season. Anyways, my point was that I had a blast and ate ALOT!!!!

This past week I had a client stay w/ me from Texas. We trained and she even got a sprint workout at the track-she didn't like me after that:) We went to Wal-Mart and read labels. I think she learned alot about sodium and true Texan food. Izabella loved having her stay, she went home w/ lots of pictures that Izabella drew-even on her workout sheets. Lisa-it was nice having ya and I hope your not too sore today.
Well it's almost noon and I promised the girls a walk in the stroller. So I better sign off till next week.