Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas

Let me try this again-
I did this 3x the other day and it kept getting deleted.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
I can't believe it's been over a month since I have blogged. I am getting better at facebook though.
I am in the middle of my 12 week challenge. My girls are doing great. They are realizing that everyone has issues and everyone deals with them differently. No one lives a perfect life-just make do with what you have and what you have time for.
I hope you all had a great time at all your parties etc that you have already have. We celebrated my Grandma's 87th birthday-I hope I live that long! We went to our annual horse parade and even had breakfast with Santa. The girls had a blast. We even took Grandma to have breakfast and to watch the parade.
Rozalee remembered her parts in the church program but didn't sing a bit in her school program. Izabella did great in both of hers. Alizabeth played baby Jesus in the church program and just laughed and cooded the entire time she was in the manger.
Kenny is back to work finally and his leg is healing slowly. He got back in the skid steer for the first time and it blew a hydraulic line. It's a sign for him to stay off that thing:)
Kenny and I headed to a farm auction on Thanksgiving and bought a few cows to add to the herd. The sale was all over a family feud. The father passed and the kids were fighting over who got what. I bet he rolled over in his grave when he saw them auction off all of his years of hard work. Why is it when someone passes all hell breaks loose? I hope this doesn't happen in your family. It was sad to watch them auction everything off.
Be thankful for what you have and don't worry about what you don't-this is my motto. I just wasn't raised that way.
I hope you all have a great holiday.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas

I have tried posting something 2x and it keeps getting deleted?

Anyone else having this issue?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Bear Necessity Store is now OPEN

Hello November and HELLO SHOPPING

Well I just started my 3rd 12 week Challenge for the year. This is the biggest one yet:) I'm so excited to see some transformations in 12 weeks.

I also have a client hitting the stage today that looks unbelievable. She had a guy/trainer try to "mess w/ her" and she's going to show him what she's made of today. Funny how trainers try to do this (not all trainers) but quite a few, just so you will train w/ them. Everyone seems to know something better than someone else. I love it when they don't even look like a trainer or a competitor. If you've never competed then don't try to pretend you know what it's like to compete.

Well I also opened the Bear Necessity Store with a web-site coming and new "stuff" coming in weekly. I just have it up on facebook so spread the word. I will ship anywhere and will also combine shipping charges. I LOVE BLING and that's what I have Bling and Crosses. Without the "Big Man" upstairs I wouldn't be able to do what I love to do. I carry purses, belts, jewerly, hats, shirts and more. Check it out-!/pages/The-Bear-Necessity-Store/169447466478685

Hit Like if you like it. I'm thinking about doing house parties soon. Let me know if you would be interested. I posted a sample item above.

Hope you don't eat tooo much Halloween Candy and have a great weekend. The girls had a great Halloween plus we went on a hayride (chilly evening) and we had front row on the ice tickets to Disney On Ice. Goofy came out and talked to the girls-too much fun. I lucked out on those tickets.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Well Halloween is almost here. It's been forever since I have blogged. I have a hard enough time w/ facebook:)

Both of the girls are loving school. Rozalee is going to be a comedian when she grows up. I have already determined that by her stories she comes up with. I never know what she is going to do or say. She can make anyone laugh.

Well I was supposed to be attending the World Clydesdale Show this weekend BUT Kenny broke his leg, so now I have 4 kids to take care of. He's being a good patient and the girls are really helping out. Izabella is my right hand!!! She is really growing up fast. She cried when we told her we wern't going and then she said as long as we can watch a movie w/ daddy adn eat popcorn-I'll be alright. OF course we did that Friday night. We are all just bummed about the trip. We have been planing on it since December last year. It only comes to the states every 5 years. Everything happens for a reason-we don't always know why but it does. You can bet we'll be showing in teh next one.

I am having another 12 week challenge. You can see my past winners and transformations on my site. Email me for details if you are interested. It's 200.00 for the 12 weeks.

I am also starting something I have been thinking about or awhile now-my own store.

Its called The Bear Necessities. I am going to carry purses, belts, jewerly, hats, beanies, dog collars to match your belts, kids belts, luggage and more. YOU KNOW IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BLING. It's going back to my country days. You will never take the country out of Heather Bear. I'll keep you posted on the items as soon as I receive them. I'm so excited. I am not going to charge and arm and a leg either-I knwo people want bling and I know people don't have the money right now BUT they have to have their BLING.

Well I need to get back to the family. Hope you enjoy my pics I did of Alizabeth-we did a little photo shoot in the yard.

Friday, September 23, 2011

End of Summer:(

This is what I hate about summer-it ENDS. I know it's over when we put the pool cover on. I hate looking at that thing. I am glad that I'm not watering flowers everyday and having to worry if the creek is flowing for the cows. Our horses are high maintence and only drink fresh water:)

There are a few of us doing the Breast Cancer walk tomorrow in Cincinnati. I haven't done it since 2004 in honor or my friend Rhoda who lost her battle and my friend Amanda-WHICH IS A SURVIVOR. I will be walking for my friend Tina and also in honor of my aunt who lost her battle in 08. It's amazing that almost EVERYONE you talk too knows someone that has or has had this ulgy disease. I know they have a cure for it but the government is making too much money on it-which is even ulglier!!!!-I don't even think that's a word but it is in my mind.

I will be doing another on-line challenge this Fall-email me for details.

I am currently helping 3 young girls and I know I can make changes to their future. It's amazing what a few small changes to your diet will do for you. I have not given these girls diets just the right & wrongs of their "food". I hope eveyone is still achieving their goals and training hard. YOU CAN DO IT.

I have attached a few pics of the girls and Rozalee's first day of pre-school. That school don't know what hit em'. She's going to be a comedian when she grows up-never know what she is going to do or say. Izabella is a big girl now in 1st grade. Alizabeth is now 3 months old and growing by the minute.

Email me if you need anything to help you achieve your goals.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Congratulations Joyce

Congratulations to all of my 12 week online challengers:) You can see pictures on my homepage of

The 2 top winners prove that age is just a number. I tried loading them onto my blog but or some reason I can't:( I have better luck w/ this blog than I do with facebook-which is scary! LOL

You are all probably getting ready for school to start. My girls are so excited to get new lunch boxes, backpacks and school supplies. I can remember how exciting it was for the first day of school. Now that the kids are back in school everyone needs to take time for themselves-all you need is 1 hour a day. YOU CAN DO IT.

I wanted ot share a few pics. We didn't get to go on a vacation this summer since Alizabeth was a newborn but we had family from out of town visit us-which was a blast. My grandma finally got to give Titus his apple. I had to bring him on the porch but it was well worth it. Sometimes we have to go out of our way to make people happy but the rewards are great. It's also the same for going to the gym. The rewards and hard work pay off.

When you don't want to go to the gym, email a friend or even me for motivation-I will help.

Have a great weekend.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Every MOM needs this kind of CAKE

This is the best cake ever given to me by a DEAR FRIEND/Client Joyce. It's made of diapers and Lord knows all babies need them.

I will be posting the winner of my 12 week challenge next week:) I'm excited to see all the before/after pictures.

I also have a client competing tomorrow in Arizona. She is in Master's and open figure. Best of all she's a MOM and is going to show ladies that you can be a mom and step onstage-it's all about going after your goals.

Well it's hotter than HOT here in Indiana. The girls are loving the pool this summer. Alizabeth is growing-finally out of preemie clothes. I can't believe school starts in less than a month-where does the time go?

I hope you are all staying cool and working out even during these hot summer days. I took a day off this week to go to a concert so I'll be making up that workout today:) Never make excuses just get it done!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. We are having Rozalee's 3rd birthday party, going to a few parades and of course fireworks. Alizabeth is doing great and so is all of the other Bears! Izabella is almost done w/ softball-thank God. I know a few parenets that get burnt out w/ sports in the summer. My ladies are doing great in their 12 week challenge, I can't wait to post the winner. I know it's hard to stick w/ a program in the summer but as long as you do the best you can do that's what matters most.

Hey just because you are dieting during the weekend holiday doesn't mean you can't have fun w/ family and friends. Trust me I will be eating and enjoying myself but I will also be up kicking my own butt in cardio and weights next week. It's all about achieveing your goals-some have bigger goals than others but we are all human. Make sure that you put your family first and dieting second. Just watch your portions this weekend-eat a little but don't over due it. Drink a glass of water in between your beer/wine. It always helps to eat before going to a party. I often drink a shake on the way so I am not as tempted to eat all the "fun food".

Well I'm off to train legs-have a great weekend and remember ENJOY YOURSELF. Also thank you to everyone that has sent cards/emails Congratulating us on Alizabeth Ellen.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Alizabeth Ellen Bear is Here:)

Well she arrived Friday 6-10-2011

She was my biggest yet at 6lbs 10 oz.

She's a great baby and hasn't even cried yet (except when they gave her a bath and took her blood). We are all doing great. I have two great helpers. They are always there at diaper changes, shaking bottles, getting clothes, blankets etc. Rozalee gets up in the middle of the night when she hears me feed her-too cute. I just hope they still like each other in about 5-7 yrs. LOL

Now it's time to get back in shape. I gained 18 pounds again and ready to hit the treadmill in the a.m. and train legs on Friday w/ a good friend from high school. Email me if you have pregnancy quesitons and training/eating clean etc. I'd love to help ya.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Real Deal Juggernaut Boot Camp

This Saturday at the Old Aurora Elementary
Come join Gina Hall and myself for a REAL bootcamp, nutrition seminar and full body workout. Cost is 50.00 for Juggernaut members and 60.00 for non-members.
Contact me for more info.
You will go home with lots of information.
Get ready to flip tires, get introduced to the "Hill", climb a rope and even "play on the monkey bars".
Hope to see ya there.

Friday, May 6, 2011

May is here and so is the RAIN

Wow, the first of MAY already. Softball is underway (when they can practice due to rain), calves are still being born, horses are SO muddy but we are very healthy and happy that we only received rain and not the tornadoes that a few of my clients received. We have been praying for those of you that did get hit w/ those storms. Kenny and I attended the Clydesdale National Sale and saw a little bit of the damages-unbelievable and very scary.

I have started another 12 week challenge w/ another group of very motivated and determined women. I will be holding a "REAL DEAL" 3 hour workouts, bootcamp, nutrition seminar at the Aurora Elementary w/ Gina Hall. Let me know if you are interested.

I hope you all had a great Easter and HAPPY MOTHER'S Day to all of the MOMS out there. If you have pets that counts too:) There is nothing better than being a mom-I LOVE IT. It makes my day when the girls say I love you mom or just come give you a hug and kiss-there is nothing like it. Make sure you give your mom a hug and kiss even if you are "older":)

Let me know if you are looking for a trainer either online or in my area. I'd love to help you achieve your goals.

Good Luck to all my friends that are starting in the show season. The Wassermans are kicking butt and taking names and I know Lishia is ready to hit the stage in a few weeks-she looks great by the way.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring has Sprung!!! Finally

It's been a busy April here in Indiana on the Bear Farm.

First off, I want to congratulate Tracy for winning my 12 week online challenge. She lost 17 pounds and 20.5 inches. All of my ladies did a great job. Congratulations to each of them. I have pictures of Tracy on my site-it won't let me load them to blogger?

I will be starting another 12 week challenge in May, if you are interested. Just email me for details.

Izabella has started softball already w/ her little sister wanting to play also. I can't believe it's time for softball, t-ball seems alot safer! She had a great birthday w/ a HUGE sleepover. We also went to the Kentucky Horse Park - which was really cool. She even lost her first tooth-she's growing up too fast. This past weekend we went to the Shriners Circus-a MUST if they come to your city. It's a great cause and great fun for the kids. It was much better than Ringley Brothers-not sure I spelled that correct?

We have started to have baby calves on the farm. My dad always said when calving becomes "not" exciting it's time to move on. Well we are so excited to see the babies in the field. I don't know how it could never be "NOT" exciting. Both Clydesdales have received their "Spring Cleaning". It took Kenny and I about 1 hour per horse to bath. My stallion went right back out there and rolled as soon as he could-he loves mud. They sure do look pretty on that green grass. IT's nice to finally sit and watch all the birds in our feeders. You can tell it's getting warmer here.

Well till next time, hope it's warming up where you live too.

Email me anytime if you have questions about anything.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

March is Almost OVER

Where does the time go, we all often as ourselves this question.

Izabella will be 6 on Friday. I can't believe it-seems like I was 78 pounds overweight just the other day. We are having a sleep over again on Friday with a campfire, grill-out and Clydesdale rides-not exactly pony rides:) Rozalee will be starting pre-school in August-man time flies.

I am hoping that all of you are still sticking to your goals. We all have things, parties, family issues, games etc that come into our schedule but you have to learn how to work around them. I have been telling a few clients this week that you just have to do the best you can w/ the time you have. Make sure you have all of your food prepared ahead of time, if you are really slammed do some of your weights w/ your cardio. Don't let a bad day ruin your entire week. We are human and we all run into "issues".

I will be announcing my 12 week challenge winner next week. I am so excited for these ladies. They all need to be very happy w/ their success. I have a current online client that has totally surprised me and herself. I will be posting her pics as soon as she is finished w/ her 12 weeks.

All of my clients are "normal" ladies that work, have husbands, kids, games etc-they seem to find the time, so can you. Let me know if you need any help-I love motivating and helping others.

Have a great week and I hope it is warming up in your part of town,like it is mine. I'm ready to open the pool and get out the flowers etc.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The snow has finally melted!!!

This past weekend was the final good-bye to our SNOW:) Thank God. We had to buy another bird feeder cause the poor birds are starving in this snow. It's finally all out of my drive way. These 60 & 70 degree days are going to spoil us. I'd rather have this mud and rain any day.

Now that the weather is nice I am ready to get outside w/ my jogging stroller and Rozalee. I'm getting a little sick of doing cardio on a machine-even though I can get VERY creative!!! Just let me know if you are needing new ideas for cardio. It seems everyone was in a rut w/ this nasty winter. Most of my clients that those unmotivated days, even myself. I sure did enough baking on those snow days w/ the girls. I made them cupcakes then made myself Parrillo Protein cupcakes w/ frosting so I wouldn't put on my winter layer! What a crazy winter it was.
I did do alot of experimenting w/ new healthy recipes. It's amazing what I can come up with-I surprise myself sometimes:) LOL
I really don't have alot of anything new going on. We have 2 Clydesdales along w/ the cattle that are keeping all of us busy. Both girls are still in gymnastics. I have girls in my transformation challenge that are surprising me-I can't believe how well they have done. I'll be posting the winner in 4 weeks. Let me know if you are looking for a trainer or needing some help achieving your goals.
Have a great week

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weekend Workout Camp in Stettler

Where do I start?

I have been meaning to write this for 2 weeks-but every time I start to do it I get side tracked. I had Parrillo Certification last weekend and never got around to it.

Anyways-WOW to Tara & Mike

Who gets to go to Canada and never have to get out in the cold except to get on/off the plane? Me-Not only did I get a message daily but also had amazing home cooked meals everyday-allday. We even had lunch catered on Saturday. I felt like a princess being in a home that had a full day-spa, gym, racquet ball court and so much more. The bed I slept in was more comfy than my own. I could never repay Tara & Mike for all they have done for me. I greatly appreciate it. I know all the girls loved/hated me at some point:) They all made a special place in my heart. I am very happy with how they all pushed through the pain. They all learned how to stretch, eat and train. Did I mention how they loved the cardio in the raquet ball room!

Well again thank you all for the very WARM WELCOME TO STETTLER. Love ya all