Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just a few Christmas pics I thought I would share.

I hope everyone is still on track with their weight loss goals. I thought I would include a favorite leg workout for me and one I give my clients. My Challenge girls just received it!!! and many of my other clients have also done this one-including myself.

Legs -
4x20 Standing Dips (put 1 leg on a chair or bench and squat down LOW SS
4x15 Walking Lunges TS
4x20 Ins and Outs on toes about the width of a large tile on your floor

4x15 Diagonal Lunges SS
4x15 Alternating Dumbbell Step ups

4x20 Pop Squats SS
4x10 Side to Side Skip Squats TS
4x20 Straight Leg Deadlift

4x15 Jump Lunges SS
4x20 Walking Pump Lunges TS
4x15 Deadlifts again

Well I hope you are all staying motivated-if not email me and I will kick you in the butt. It's not a magic pill but just hard ass work. If it was easy our country wouldn't be obese.

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