Friday, May 29, 2009

Here's to a weekend at HOME

The 4 Bears are staying home this weekend. I'm so excited to do NOTHING. We are grilling out tomorrow and I may even have a glass of WINE w/ dinner:)
Thanks to everyone who had sent me e-mails about last weekend. I have to admit I was bummed at first but now I'm just ready to work harder and do it again in September. I'm hoping to make a few changes to my butt and legs by then.
Sorry, but no pictures to post this week-I've been trying to play catch up all week. I did start back w/ cardio & weights on Tuesday. It's so nice to only be doing 45 minutes of cardio and heavy weights w/ smaller reps.
I hope you all have a great weekend.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Best Husband EVER

My husband deserves DADDY OF THE YEAR.
He is not only a great dad but an awesome husband.
While I was competing this weekend, he packed the camper and girls up and went camping for 4 days. When I arrived at the campground people were telling me how lucky I am, because there husbands would even dare to adventure out camping w/ 2 young girls. They had a ball! I only have a few pics because I had the camera w/ me.
Izabella got to swim in the pool and lake. She called it the ocean!!! She had to take me in the gold cart to show me the beach:) I'm glad they had fun even though I wish they could of been there w/ me. Rozalee even met a little boyfriend, she was a few month younger but much bigger:) Sh ehas her mommy's appetite...


So sorry, I'm just getting to my blog. It was a long weekend. After the long day of competing, I slept 2 hours and started my 10 hour drive to the campground to be w/ my family. I was so excited to see them. There is no internet there so I couldn't do any updates.
As soon as I get my pics from Isaac, I'll post them on my site. If you ever get the chance to do a photo shoot w/ him-DO IT.
Well, I thought I looked pretty good, I was actually surprised how good I looked but the judges didn't thinks so. They didn't like me at all-but oh well. We all have opinions:) It's always nice to hear from others that they thought you got robbed. It's a game and I know this. No need to get stressed over it, I can't change it. I gave it my all an that's all that matters.
Thanks for Joyce riding w/ me and putting up w/ my hungry butt for 4 days. Thanks for all my cards, e-mails etc.. Thanks for Mike and Lishia keeping an eye on me.
Time to go do cardio:) Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.
There's more pics on, if you want to check them out.

Friday, May 22, 2009

18 hours and counting

Well, I made it to bed by 9:30pm, got up and attended a meeting then did my own little photo shoot. I also did a photo shoot w/ Isaac Hinds from I'll post those in a few days. I just got back from getting my paint on. I sure am getting hungry:) I spoke to the girls and Kenny a little bit ago. They are setting up camp. I can't wait to be w/ them.

Here's some pics that Joyce took w/ my camera.

I am just excited to be here and I know I have already done WAY more than most of these ladies on stage. Who gets to sign magazines the morning before the Jr. USA's especially when you are on the cover.

I'm very blessed for the things I have, not only material things but being surrounded by great friends and family. I love ya all.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I finally made it to South Carolina

Well-where do I start???

We had a T-ball game last night and my friend Joyce spent the night so we could leave early this morning. My dearest husband made sure everything was in his car, oil changed, new tires, cleaned it and surprised me w/ a Good Luck Rose and hid a card above my sun-visor. He is SO sweet. (He decided his car was more dependable than my 99 Explorer. He couldn't come so he is taking the girls camping and then I'm meeting them at the campground on Sunday.

Joyce and I get on the road by 5am planning to arrive at 2pm. We are heading down the road when this "something" hits the car, I check and there is no damage-so we're back on our way. I happen to hear something and glance out the window and see SMOKE coming from the rear of the car. I pull over and have a FLAT TIRE. I get out and start changing it when Joyce sees smoke from across the road (someone threw out a cigarette) and the grass starts on fire. Within minutes, a state trooper pulls up and puts out the fire, then comes to us. I'm staying calm but got grease on my favorite capris-but no biggy. The issue comes when I remember that Kenny specially orders the tires for his car:) I call him and I also call AAA, just in case. The wrecker service gives me a few choices to call to see if I can find a tire-no luck then he thinks of another place-1 mile up the road. I call them and they have the tire and can put it on ASAP. THANK GOD. We get the spare on, drive a mile up the road, get a new tire, I do a little Phat Camp work while I'm waiting and we got on our way. No worries, and no need to stress about it. GOD was watching over us and I just had to laugh.

THEN, I get to my room and Lishia & Mike bring me a beautiful arrangement of flowers from them, Jen and Brian. It was so cool. My rose that Kenny gave me got put into a jug because I want it to last all weekend and didn't have anything to put it in until now.

I just finished a little cardio and I'm heading to BED.
I received my suit on Monday and the magazines on Tuesday-I'm having a great week. I can't wait to get home and make some Parrillo cupcakes w/ frosting and eat a Peanut Butter Chew and maybe a few other of their bars like a FRENCH TOAST bar for breakfast.... They are waiting for me in the camper-made sure I packed them before I left!!!!! Izabella is also waiting for me to get home because she's not allowed in the cupcakes till I get there....
God Bless and Good Night

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a Week

What a week the 4 Bears have had!!! I had a great Mother's Day. I got all of these beautiful hanging flowers. I hope all of you MOMS had a great day. Izabella's had her end of year breakfast and Pre-School Graduation. I also had Phat Camp in Cleveland.
I'm starting to pack for my show and get the camper ready for the holiday weekend. We had a t-ball game last night. The "Little Bears" were great and made me laugh several times. I love it and needed the excitement this week. We also have another game tomorrow then Thursday my friend Joyce and I will be heading to South Carolina for my show. I'm as ready as I've ever been-very excited to step on stage. Wish me luck and say a BIG prayer for me. I'll be updating my blog throughout the weekend.
Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend. I hope you get to spend it w/ your family and friends. I can't WAIT!!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I am HONORED to Win

I have been announced as the winner of a Figure Suit Sponsorship from I am so honored. I will wear the suit w/ pride!
I can't Thank Amy OBrian enough. I'll post pics as soon as I receive it.
She also has tanks, flip flops, matching robes and much more. This is a way to never loose your items backstage. Check her out and tell her Heather Bear sent ya:)

I also wanted to let you all know that the t-ball game was a success. Our Wed. night game got cancelled but I'll get some pics up soon. The Little Bears made me PROUD.

Asparagus by the BOX

You know you are 2 weeks from a show when you buy asparagus like this!!!
After 2 weekends of Phat Camp, I'm home this weekend. We had 2 very successful camps. I got to spend some quality time w/ Lishia Dean last weekend. We were the only 2 dieting, so we decided to stay together. I can't wait to see her step on stage this summer. I'm very excited for her and her routine.
The support I am receiving from everyone is actually overwelming and very much appreciated. This is going to be the best show ever because of YOU. I'm printing and reading each one. I have found out in the last few days that "haters" or "jealous people"are making me work even harder. Keep on hating because it's making me stronger and better than ever. It's really sad how someone can talk about you when they don't even know you. You know, no matter what happen in 2 weeks, I have accomplished more than most people ever think about doing. I love to help women achieve their goals and I'm going to keep on doing it!!!
I won't be posting pics next week, because I'm going to post the final pic the day of the show.
Thanks again for all of your support and prayers.
Have a Phat weekend