Friday, October 29, 2010

Lishia Dean and I are heading to ALASKA !!!!

We are doing a training camp at T.N.A. Fitness in December. Email me if you want details. Space is limited, so everyone will get one-on-one attention.

I'm trying to upload the flyer but my computer won't allow me to do it for some stupid reason-probably operator error!!!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween right around the corner

Why can't my girls decide what they want to be for Halloween??? Izabella changes her mind every couple days. I guess she is like most of us females-we can't decide if we want to go to the gym, sleep in a few extra minutes, eat clean or go to a fast food place, take a family walk or just sit on the couch-sound familiar?
It's time to make up your mind and make TIME for you-only 1 hour 5x a week is all you need-any could even do a little less if you wanted to be a little more intense in a shorter amount of time.
Start thinking about your goals TODAY-not tomorrow and set them and GO ACHIEVE THEM. It's not that hard. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT???
This has been my saying since I lost my baby weight in 2005-and I'm sticking to it.
Ladies, we all want to stay in our warm beds an extra hour but does that make up for the dessert/drinks you had this week? NO, so get up and get your butt moving.
Ok enough of that-
I'm going to have a transformation make-over starting Jan 1st to help keep ladies motivated and headed in the right direction. Email me now if you are interested. There will be a great prize for the top 3 winners.
I will also be helping my 2 dear friends Beth & Joyce at their BFF Weekend in Brookville in January. Email me if you have any questions-we will have a blast and you will learn TONS. It's at a NEW gym in Brookville.

Well if I can motivate you in any way email me at
Congratulations to Julie Borchert-a former Getphatonline client was also featured in this months Oxygen-Off the Couch issue. I worked w/ her when I worked for GetPhat. Julie went after her goals and look at her now!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Congratulations Joyce

I want to sent a HUGE CONGRAULATIONS to Joyce-my very first client and she's the reason I became a personal trainer. Joyce is in this months Oxygen mag Special Edition. She has had a huge transformation. You'll have to pick ya up a magazine and she how she can motivate you. WAY TO GO-so proud of her.

I have another motivational client-Nicole. She'll be competing in her first show at the Monster Mash. She is kicking butt making huge changes to her body. I can't wait to see her on stage. She's a single mom, just started a new job (she's been traveling for 3 weeks for training) has a house and a 2 yr old to care for and STILL gets in her cardio, weights and STICKS TO HER DIET. It can be done:) I'm very excited to see her on stage. I saw her in her suit last night and she looks amazing.
We all have stress, work issues, family issues, kid issues, school issues and the list can go on and on. The difference is who can work through those issues and still make time for themselves-only 1 to 1 1/2 hours a day 5 x a week? You can't control your issues-only GOD has that control, it's how you deal w./ them that is up to you. Don't let stress and ISSUES take control-get to the gym or go for a walk and get rid of those stress issues. Take it out on the pavement or on the squat rack. YOU CAN DO IT.
Ok, enough on that. We had our Aurora's Farmer's Fair this past weekend. This was the first time Rozalee was big enough to ride rides. What a blast-funny thing is last weekend (same carnival company) said she wasn't tall enough-guess she grew a bunch in a week:) LOL. The parade was great, my grandma loved it. It was a bit chilly but well worth it. Kenny and his old buddy on the slide-who would of thought they would go from racing dirt bikes/harley's/quads to racing on the fair slide!!!

Hope you all have a great week and MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF-don't feel quilty-you deserve it.