Monday, February 20, 2012


Well my girls are growing SO fast. Alizabeth is into everything-she army crawling and puling herself up on everything. It's too funny cause Rozalee says she wants to eat everything-just like she used to do to Izabella.

The Bear Necessity Store is going great-I love it. Izabella went with my to our local farm store and helped me all day. I was so proud of her. She is my big helper at home especially with Alizabeth.

Rozalee is just a mini-me. She does everything I do. Poor Kenny, he is just out numbered! He loves it!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Amy. My 12 week online challenge winner. She has 4 kids and still found time to workout and eat healthy. Make sure you check out her pictures on my website.

Make sure you check out my facebook page and "like" my store. If you want to receive my monthly newsletter from The Bear Necessity Store-email me. I will have monthly specials, sales and updates on where I will be set-up. Our next stop is the National Clydesdale Sale in Howe, Indiana.

Have a great Spring, I hope you received snow where you live because we didn't. I have a Clydesdale ready to pull a sleigh and NO SNOW this winter. Hope that means we will have a HOT SUMMER. I'm ready to open the pool already.

Let me know if you are looking for a trainer-either online or if you are in my area.

Have a great weekend.