Friday, September 25, 2009

Best Fried Chicken EVER

I have to tell ya-I do not like fried chicken but MAN can the Manchester Fire Dept. fry up the best chicken ever. I stopped up there on Sunday and it was amazing. I wish they did it more than 2x a year. It was all fat free, calorie free too-well that's at least what I told my butt:)

Indiana is getting to become a has to quit raining sometime. Kenny is having a quad party this weekend. We are expecting about 20 guys to come over and ride. Hope they bring their rain suits. We were planning on taking the girls to the Fall Fest but looks like it's not even going to let up for that.

Izabella and I went to Disney on Ice Wednesday w/ my friend Meg and her daughter. We had awesome seats and guess what? I took my camera but NO battery. I can't believe I did that, so we bought a 15.00 book w/ good pictures in it to show Kenny.

Well everyone is in Vegas at the O. Best of luck to the girls-Go Get em Adela.

Have a great weekend and hope it's dry where you are.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Ole Monday morning:) LOL

Well here's my story for the day-
I planned to get up early and get cardio and e-mail done before I had to get Izabella off to school at 7:00am. We never set an alarm because Rozalee has always woke up at 6:30-7:00 even on Sundays before church. Kenny has been working 12 hour days so he's trying to get as much sleep as possible. Let me remind you I NEVER EVER have woke up late for work, high school, college, nothing-even back in the days when I would stay out drinking all night NEVER EVER it just didn't happen. Well then there is this morning-I woke up at 8:37am and about had a heart attack, first because Rozalee didn't wake up so that scared me to death, secondly Izabella has to be at school by 8:30 and Kenny has to leave for work at 9:30. I run in to Rozalee's room and she's in her bed playing w/ her bears-Thank God and Kenny runs and gets Izabella up. I call the school and let them know what I did. We rush breakfast down poor Izabella, get her teeth brushed, dressed and out the door. I hurry drop her off while Kenny gets Rozalee breakfast and his lunch made, as I pull in the garage he pulls out and heads to work. It's now 10:00 am and I have to leave at 11:15 to pick Izabella up from school. I look at my e-mail real quick to make sure there were no emergency's that need to be answered ASAP and decide to attempt my morning cardio walk outside in the sprinkling rain. I tell Rozalee this is going to be quick because we have to pick up your sister soon. I usually walk 3-4 miles in the morning-unless it's raining hard then I do it inside-which I should of done this morning:) I get about 1 mile down the road and this nice little old lady that has a farm/cattle stops me to chat. They are in their 80's and still farm w/ about 20 head of cattle. For those of you that know me, I used to show cattle and now I have 7 cows again. So I couldn't run the little lady and her farming story. Did I mention I forgot my watch as I went out the door this morning!!! Ok, she's down talking, have NO idea what time it is, so to make the best out of this cardio session I decide I better kick it up a notch and RUN. I run about 1 mile, walk 1/2 and run another 1/2. I'm thinking I should be right on time. I walk the rest of the way home and get in the garage and see it's 11:20. I'm soaking wet from the rain and sweat. I change my clothes, and put Rozalee straight in the car. We're 5 minutes late picking up Izabella from school but it all worked out.
I almost sweated the small stuff this morning but I did what I could and made the best of it-don't stress over small stuff!!! It's not worth it.
My tip of the week is make sure you have a pair of gym shoes in each of your vehicles w/ a pair of extra workout clothes too. I have always done this and last week it came in handy. I was doing nails at the salon and had a 2 hour break so I made the best of it. I changed my clothes and hit the sidewalk for some cardio and a little mini-bootcamp. I always have the extra stuff w/ me because you just never know when you'll need it. They don't have to be a good pair-mine are actually pairs that are OLD like 5-6 yrs old.
On another note-I'm looking for a healthy chili recipe-anyone have one somewhere?
This past weekend had the Kenny's nephews birthday party and we also got to take a tour of where Kenny worked. He's been there 10 years and we've never got to see the inside of the Ford plant in Sharonville, Oh. He's a millwright/ironworker and they make the transmission for alot of the Ford vehicles. They had a car show, dog show, FOOD, ICE CREAM and free tours of the plant. It was so cool to actually see what goes on inside that 100+ acre plant. It's so big they drive gold carts inside because it would take you forever to get from 1 side to the other. It's actually amazing how they design these machines to build and put together transmissions. The girls had a blast. Rozalee especially liked the dog obstacle course.

Rozalee is going to be an animal lover like me. We have a 2000 pound bull that she pets in the field. Izabella likes small animals but the big ones scare her-not Rozalee the bigger the better. Which brings me to my next story. Our scotty 2 weeks ago got hit by a car, out underground fence wasn't working:( We told Izabella he was in heaven w/ our goat and Titan our English mastiff that died of heart failure last year. We told her that Great Grandma was taking care of them up in heaven, so she said they could stay up there then. Last Friday night Kenny came home w/ a new English Mastiff puppy. The girls LOVE him. They were both so surprised Saturday morning when we brought him inside. Rozalee gets on the ground and wrestles w/ him already.
I also had a jewelry party last Wednesday. You all know I love my jewelry!!! So did Rozalee. Izabella liked have all the kids over to play inside and outside with her. They played make-up and oh was it everywhere!!!
Well enough of my stories. I hope you all have a great week-MAKE THE BEST OF IT.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hawaii gets PHAT

Hawaii gets Phat!

If you are thinking of joining Jen and the Phat Camp Team in Hawaii then you better get signed up ASAP!
September 28th is the final deadline to register. Please know that this is a great camp and the last Phat Camp for 2009. We would love to share this experience with you and a friend.
To register now visit or click main_page=product_info&products_id=349.
For any questions or more info email Heather Bear at
Just think fun in the sun!


Ladies get Phat With TOSCA RENO!

If you want to meet the one and only Tosca Reno, Oxygen's #1 cover girl, come to
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Dayton Phat Camp here we come!!!

Seems like forever since I wrote on my blog. I'm a year older now and Rozalee is walking
I always think of things I want to write about during the week and then I get time to sit down and write and I forget what I wanted to say.

I had a great weekend camping w/ family and friends. I also took another week off of training.My friend Joyce came to visit and brought my hubby homemade salsa and pickles. He thought it was his birthday. It seems summer went so fast. It never did get that HOT in Indiana.

Back to training this week and off to camp tonite in Dayton. My legs are sooo sore from legs on Wednesday, I may not make it through the night. It felt good to get back and kick it up a notch in the gym. I forgot about Monday being a holiday so I had to make up that training on Tuesday along w/ my normal arm workout. I love holidays but I hate to do 2 bodyparts in 1 day. It kills me.

Well my Little Rozalee is into her drawers reorganizing everything. I better go catch her.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Birthday Calories DON'T Count

Well, I didn't eat cake, but I ate-are you ready for this?
it was all fat free-calorie free-sugar free-
eat it and don't tell your butt!!!!
Apple Crisp French Toast
biscuit w/ sausage
meatlovers pizza
onion rings
and a Girl Scout Peanut Butter Patty Blizzard w/ some birthday Reese's Peanut Butter Cup added in it
and finished it off w/ yogurt and a scoop of protein in it before bed!!!
I had to get in some protein sometime yesterday.
I am still full this morning:)
I had a great birthday and getting ready to head to the camp now for the long weekend.

Jen and I had a great time in NY for the camp. The girls were awesome. We had a lady attend from London England. I think her butt might of hurt on her flight home!!! We did a killer sprint class outside on Sunday.

I gave my body a break this week and just did some walking. I was at that point where I wanted and needed a break. My knees have been bothering me so I'm using that as my excuse:) The thing is, I used to feel guilty about taking time off, now I have overcome that and know that we all need a break every once in awhile.

I do want to send a Congratulations to Tammy Patnode for getting her pro-card in bodybuilding at the North Americans. It was well deserved.

Here's till next Friday. I'll be at Dayton Camp if anyone wants to come visit.
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