Friday, March 27, 2009

My pics

I forgot to add these, this morning. Sorry my paragraphs didn't stay the same as when I typed the last post??? Weird, anyways-I think you can get the pics figured out w/ the correct caption.
Off to go do more cardio:) before the Princesses arrive

What a week

Izabella's Castle Cake and Princess Cupcakes
Susan-which will be a new woman in a year. I know she can do it!!!!

Disney Live in Cincinnati-(wish I was in Orlando watching them:)
Amanda-which will be a new woman in September for her wedding anniversay. I know she will look HOT in that new outfit and shoes, she's going to buy for the special occassion:)
Have you ever had one of those weeks that just keep going and going??? I haven't stopped since last Friday. That's why I didn't get a chance to post pics last week. It's funny how many e-mails I received asking for my pics.
Friday started w/ going to see Disney Live w/ Izabella and her friend. Friday evening I had the pleasure of hosting a client all weekend. She worked her butt off and has goals to achieve by Septemeber. I took her to the grocery store to read labels. She was very surprised at the things I showed her. Here is her before's now and I'll post her after's in September. Great Work Amanda.
On Monday I had another client for 2 days. Susan worked her butt off also. She learned alot and you'll see her after's in 1 year. My friend Joyce came over, so she got to see how both of us train. She will be a new woman.
I'm very proud of both of these ladies.
Izabella is on Spring Break this week, so we did dr's and dentist appt on Tuesday. Wednesday was her 4th birthday and tonite we are having a Princess Tea Party/Sleep over. I'll post those pics next Friday. Tomorrow we have Izabella's cousin's birthday party. It's been a crazy week but I still got in all of my training and cardio. I'm going to make sure I prove to the people that have said I can't do this-that I will:)
Here's till next week.

Stay Phat

Monday, March 16, 2009

More pics

For those of you who don't know who this is, it's Lisa Brewer and Lishia Dean. Lisa does our pictures for the Phat Camp business cards and X-mas cards and just FUN photo shoots. I've done 2 shoots w/ her and my pictures were amazing. If you are ever looking for a good photographer

Pics from the Arnold

My long lost friend GINA:) I met Gina through Jen. Gina did her internship w/ Jen and traveled w/ us an entire summer. Her parents let us stay at their house in Florida and gave us a tour of their sailboat. Jen and I met up w/ her parents a few years ago at the Olympia. It was great to see her at the Arnold this year. She is planning on competing soon. I can't wait to see her on stage.

Friday, March 13, 2009

10 weeks and counting

I feel how Rozalee looks:) I'm 10 weeks out and down to 114. I'm pretty happy w/ how I look this far out. I'm just trying to catch up from this weekend and Jen's BIG WIN.
I did get to sub at Izabella's school again this week. It was so much fun. I thought I would go crazy but I actually loved it. Maybe in my second life I can be a teacher.
Next week I'll have more to chat about, all I've seen this week is this computer. Please e-mail any pics you took from the Arnold-I want to see them.
Happy Friday 13th.

Monday, March 9, 2009

More pics

These are from the Fashion Show.

Arnold Weekend


LATISHA WILDER AND HEIDI SULLIVAN - You all are my inspiration. I hope one day I can look as 1/2 as good as you guys. Love you

What an awesome LONG weekend. Jen rocked it and it showed.

We had a great booth, great Fashion show, great audience, GREAT EVERYTHING. It was nice to see the friends you only see once a year and some only a few times a year. You know those are your true friends.

These pics can speak for themselves.

I'm playing catch up all day so I'll write more this Friday including my progress pics.

Here's till Friday.

If you have any pics from this weekend you want me to post, just send them to me-Thanks

Monday, March 2, 2009

Written after a leg training day

The Promise
This was written by a client of mine (an English Teacher). Her class is studing Romeo & Juliet:)
Lisa and Megan are my clients and of course I'm Heatherolio:)
A one scene play written in the tradition of William Shakespeare, written by Lisa Heck
[enter Lisentia and Meganiva, both visibly in pain]
Lisentia: My mind misgives some consequence yet hanging in the stars shall bitterly begin upon the morrow.
Meganiva: Good cousin, I do beseech thee: do not fear thine thighs or thine buttocks, for each are surely nought as tender as mine own, for Heatherolio is as vengeful as a roaring tiger and her affects are as extreme as the raging sea.
Lisentia: Peace, peace, good Meganiva! Do not speak of the great Heatherolio! Thine subtle mention of so frightful a name remembers me yesternight’s revels.
Meganiva: [suddenly inspired] Tush! I fear not! Hold my elbow and my hand, ho! I shall inspire you, my cousin, with sweet rememberance of crossing thine ankle upon thine leg, for the hurt cannot be much! [she moves to set her ankle upon her knee and falters, in obvious pain]
Lisentai: [reaching out to support her, astonished] Forsworn! Be it not so! Surely you wiln’t, upon this night, attempt such an act yet twenty and four hours after yesternight! For thou and thine withstood before mine eyes, forty times upon each leg so short a time ago! Surely you jest!
Meganiva: Upon my word, you are true, good Lisentia! I darest not do so foolish an act without the mighty Heatherolio upon my side! But ‘tis true, Heatherolio has wreaked havoc on our buttocks. Oh vile misfortune!
Lisentia: Yes, and as they say, if today be as it is, then the morrow…oh terrible…terrible! I fear the soft flesh of my buttocks shall never find its careful way—
Meganiva: --off the toilet?
Lisentia: Yes, good cousin, yes, ‘off the toilet,’ as you say. If you should fail to see me upon the morrow, I do beseech thee: seek me where we speak of, upon the toilet of the Doughy. I shall certainly be upon that place. But first seek the mercy of the great Heatherolio, for thine own buttocks and thighs, like mine are weak with famine of oxygen, broken and discordant. Thou will need the strength of two and twenty men to pull me from the site, and Heatherolio is mighty in her powers. Meganiva, good my friend, I too will seek to find thou upon the morrow. And if I, so gently walking, do not see your visage, I shall come to thine “Shitter o’Keith” and move you from your torment.
Meganiva: This you must swear, as I do so swear to thine own self.
Lisentia: Agreed. [she moves to leave, but has much trouble moving at all] Upon the morrow then, dear friend. Comfort be upon thy muscles unaffected.
Meganiva: And upon thine as well.
[exit Meganiva and Lisentia, walking like they have sticks in their asses]
The End.