Saturday, May 25, 2013


It's time again for a CHALLENGE

I am doing a 90 day challenge and if you sign up by June 15th I'm adding cardio, weights and meal plan PLUS you can train with me 1x so I can kick your butt.  All you need to do is drink 1 but I prefer 2 shakes a day at 1.50 a shake. This is NOT A MAGIC shake but it will help you loose the weight or you get your money back, so all you have to loose is weight.

I believe in hard work and dedication but I also believe these shake will help you especially the busy mom on the go.

Email me for details

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Winter and Spring gone already?

I have been super busy since October.  I started a new job at Cincinnati Children's Hospital as a Veterinary Technician.  I missed working as a tech and had to get back into the field.  Don't get me wrong, I miss my Parrillo family.

 Izabella is in gymnastics, softball, showing a heifer, Clydesdale and keeping her grades up in school.  Rozalee is in gymnastics, t-ball modeling and starting kindergarten in Fall.  Alizabeth is just into everything and loves all the animals. All my girls are great farm hands.  I have great girls and a great husband.

Betsy, Lishia and I are back into training clients online.  I am so excited to be working with them again.  All 3 of us have struggled with our weight and motivation at times.  I have had to change my workout schedule due to my BUSY schedule and I want to help others.  I am very good at time management and motivation. I want to help others with crazy schedules like mine.  I may only have 30-45 minutes a day but I still live a healthy lifestyle. will be up and running soon.  We do have a Facebook Page - Please share it with your friends and "LIKE" it.

I still have the Bear Necessity Store. I am always getting in new items.  Let me know if you want to be a rep or host a party. Make sure you share my page and LIKE it!!/pages/The-Bear-Necessity-Store/169447466478685.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy FALL

October and Fall yahooo
I love this time of year.  I have been OVER BUSY to say the least.  Where do I start?
We have had an event every Saturday since the first of September-from gymnastics, cheerleading, Angus Tours, Parades, cattle shows-you name it and we've done it-I can't wait for November when things slow down a bit.
I have been getting up real early to do cardio and get the show calves fed before 6 when I wake up the girls.  Training is still 3x a week-for now.
I started another 12 week challenge and I have a few girls that are really surprising me:)  I hope they keep it up-How bad do they want it?
Rozalee is at a new pre-school and loves it-she has had a few really fun field trips to various places including getting to ride in a fire truck (that was my first time too).
I recently just started a new job Children's Hospital)-I'm back to doing what I went to college for, being a vet tech.  I really missed working with the animals.  I still love John & Dominique at Parrillo-they are awesome people and a great company-made in the USA:)  I once had an old co worker-Betsy Harris tell me that your life turn in a full circle and man was she right.  I was a vet tech for 10+ years then went into the fitness world for about 7+ years and now back into the vet tech world AGAIN.  I love it-I was meant to be working on animals full-time. 
I am still training a few girls at my house and of course on-line-I'll never stop doing that.  I still love helpin ladies achieve their goals.  I will say that getting up at 4 to do cardio and train is an adjustment.  I like coming home in the evening and spending it with family. 
I keep growing with my Bear Necessity Store-always something new coming in.  Make sure you check it out.!/pages/The-Bear-Necessity-Store/169447466478685

Well ,tomorrow is our first parade that Izabella will be riding in on TITUS-our Clydesdale Stallion.  I'll post pics on facebook.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another 12 Week Challenge Starts in September

Well, since I didn't Blog in July I guess I better Blog in August.  I just can't believe how the summer flew by.  The girls are back in school, Izabella is cheering and doing gymnastics, Rozalee is still in gymnastics and Alizabeth is just into everything-literally!!!

We have been enjoying the pool, probably more this summer than any other.  We have been to a few fairs, Indiana State Fair, vacation bible school and my favorite FIREMAN'S Festivals.  Izabella has turned into my little helper on the farm. She helps me check cows, mix feed and of course feed the dogs and cats.  We are hoping that she will be showing a heifer calf in November at the North American.  We'll see how halter breaking goes in a few weeks:)

As far as working out, I have been getting in cardio while Izabella is at gymnastics-it kills at least 1 hour of my 2 that I am up in Fairfield 3x a week.  I am still working out 3x a week but my main goal is eating clean-as clean as I can, when I can.  I know it can be hectic-trust me I know.  I must plan ahead or I am all messed up and end up going through McDonald's and getting a grilled chicken sandwich which tastes horrible.  I have learned that it's about looking and feeling good, not all about looking like a competitor year round-wish I could get this through a few of my clients heads-you know who you are:)

I have decided to do another 12 week challenge since I have had such a good response in the past.  Now that school has started, what better time to take at least 1 hour for YOU.  You may have to get up 30-45 minutes earlier in the morning but guess what-it's done!!! or you could stay up a little later if that works too. Whatever works for you - put it in place and DO IT-HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?  The cost is 200.00 and you will receive your week of workouts/cardio and meal plan every Friday so you have all weeekend to plan/prepare.  Each week will be different and you can contact me anytime with questions-I am your motivation. The lady with the most overall transformation will recieve a great prize.  I will need before/after pictures (that's why they call them before's because everyone HATES them. Only I see them-I promise) unless you are the winner then we will discuss that:0) 

Make sure you check out my facebook store of BLING and more.!/pages/The-Bear-Necessity-Store/169447466478685
Email me your order and I will get it right out!!!  Let me know if you want to have a party or become a sales rep.  Feel free to share my page and make sure you are receiving my monthly newsletter through Constant Contacts!!!

Keep in touch and until next time have a blessed day/week

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Watch 12.00 in all colors

Saturday, June 23, 2012

June already :) and super HOT in Indiana

Man, where does time go?
School starts in a little over a month.  We have been as busy as usual at the Bear House.
Izabella is still in gymnastics, played softball and starts cheerleading soon. She had 2 great Clover Bud projects at the fair this past week.  She is a mini me when it comes to that.  She's such a big helper when it comes to fedding and watering the animals.  Sometimes Alizabeth would rather be with her than me.
Rozalee is going to be in pre-school 3 days a week this year, still in gymnastics and is almost 4 already.  She is a mini me all the way around.
Alizabeth just turned 1. She's a talker/noise maker and starting to walk.  She's a funny baby.  Alizabeth loves the animals too.
I had a client as me why I haven't been blogging-well I am swamped with everything else.  I have to do better I know.
I do want to give you a leg workout I did-I wanted some sun, the girls wanted in the pool and I still needed to do legs.  So I went by the pool and dod this in about 35 minutes and was sooo soooorrrreeee.

3x15 walking lunges
3x15 pump lunges
3x10 step-ups on my picnic table
3x10 walking lunges
3x10 pump lunges
NON-stop all 5 sets

4x10 deadlifts

4x15 diagniol lunges ss 4x15popsquats

4x15 squats ss 4x15 toe jumps moving forward

I am trying to get in 3 days of training and cardio when I can.  I have come to the decision that there are more important things than the gym and working out.  I still eat clean and train when I can.  I don't beat myself up like I used to if I didn't get in my workout.  I have a family and farm that come first then the gym.  I'd rather take care of my clients and make sure they are kicking butt and staying motivated.

I also have my store to run-make sure you go to my page and LIKE the store.  I'd love to have 500 likes by the end of summer.!/pages/The-Bear-Necessity-Store/169447466478685
If you want to host a party let me know, if you want to stop by and see everything let me know, if you want to come train let me know.

Love Weddings
Willie 2 months old
Alizabeth's 1st b-day
2 babies
Willie & Alizabeth 1st b-day

Manchester Softball

Earrings 10.00
Key Holder 10.00
Purse 45.00

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm back blogging

Wow it's been almost 2 months since I last blogged.  That's BAD.  I just tried to get better at facebook and I guess I put the Blog on the backburner.

During the last 2 months- Izabella turned 8, we had Spring Break (went to the zoo & Indy Children's Museum), had Easter, church had a great Easter egg hunt, Rozalee had her first Easter party at school (Kenny helped with that), the girls had a Spa sleep over at gymnastics, softball started, gymnastics went from 1 day a week to 3x a week and Alizabeth is finally getting teeth and wants to feed herself only big people food and Izabella started mini 4-H.

I have continued to workout as much as I can w/ having the girls, farm, jobs, sporting events etc.  I know there are a ton of you moms out there that can relate to this.  All you need is to make 30 minutes for yourself.  If I don't do my cardio in the am before everyone wakes up-it doesn't get done-period the end.  I am happy with doing 2x a week intense cardio and weights 3x a week.  I am just trying to eat as clean as possible to maintain my muscle mass.  It's tough when you are on the go from 5am-10pm everyday except on the weekends-which  are still long days. You HAVE to take time for yourself or you will just blame that on someone else.  It's a stress reliever-it's a quiet time w/out interuptions if you do it in the am.  Yes, I hate getting up to do it but I do it anyways.

We are almost done having baby calves for the year.  There is nothing better than seeing them run in the fields.  This weekend is the National Clydesdale Sale.  I am setting up my store at the sale.  Izabella is going to help me run that!!!  It should be a fun weekend-even better if we come home with something.

I did attend the Angus Auxiliary Women Connected Conference.  It was great to be with so many women from all over, with all different sizes of farm BUT with all the same interests.  We had 1 speaker that had 5 kids and she said every once in awhile you have to miss something.  Your child will survive if you can't make it to every practice etc.  It's called life and things come up especially on a farm. Don't beat yourself up about it.  It's great to have friends that live close and can help ya out.  Here blog is Kansas Rancher and it's a great one.  Let me know if you can't find it-she proves that not all beef is bad and not all beef has steroids etc in it.  It's sad that there are so many uneducated people out there about this.  I also learned that the Humane Society-which I donate -only gives .5-1% of their donations to the dog pounds.  This is horrible-they spend it on employees, benefits, marketing, advertising and even worse things.  I hope our local Humane Society doesn't do this.

Well I'm running out of time so I better sign off for now-don't even have time to proof this-so I hope it's OK.

Next  Friday we will be at the PTO meeting with our Clydesdale taking pictures-stop by if you can.  It's a great fundraiser for the school.