Saturday, June 23, 2012

June already :) and super HOT in Indiana

Man, where does time go?
School starts in a little over a month.  We have been as busy as usual at the Bear House.
Izabella is still in gymnastics, played softball and starts cheerleading soon. She had 2 great Clover Bud projects at the fair this past week.  She is a mini me when it comes to that.  She's such a big helper when it comes to fedding and watering the animals.  Sometimes Alizabeth would rather be with her than me.
Rozalee is going to be in pre-school 3 days a week this year, still in gymnastics and is almost 4 already.  She is a mini me all the way around.
Alizabeth just turned 1. She's a talker/noise maker and starting to walk.  She's a funny baby.  Alizabeth loves the animals too.
I had a client as me why I haven't been blogging-well I am swamped with everything else.  I have to do better I know.
I do want to give you a leg workout I did-I wanted some sun, the girls wanted in the pool and I still needed to do legs.  So I went by the pool and dod this in about 35 minutes and was sooo soooorrrreeee.

3x15 walking lunges
3x15 pump lunges
3x10 step-ups on my picnic table
3x10 walking lunges
3x10 pump lunges
NON-stop all 5 sets

4x10 deadlifts

4x15 diagniol lunges ss 4x15popsquats

4x15 squats ss 4x15 toe jumps moving forward

I am trying to get in 3 days of training and cardio when I can.  I have come to the decision that there are more important things than the gym and working out.  I still eat clean and train when I can.  I don't beat myself up like I used to if I didn't get in my workout.  I have a family and farm that come first then the gym.  I'd rather take care of my clients and make sure they are kicking butt and staying motivated.

I also have my store to run-make sure you go to my page and LIKE the store.  I'd love to have 500 likes by the end of summer.!/pages/The-Bear-Necessity-Store/169447466478685
If you want to host a party let me know, if you want to stop by and see everything let me know, if you want to come train let me know.

Love Weddings
Willie 2 months old
Alizabeth's 1st b-day
2 babies
Willie & Alizabeth 1st b-day

Manchester Softball

Earrings 10.00
Key Holder 10.00
Purse 45.00