Friday, September 23, 2011

End of Summer:(

This is what I hate about summer-it ENDS. I know it's over when we put the pool cover on. I hate looking at that thing. I am glad that I'm not watering flowers everyday and having to worry if the creek is flowing for the cows. Our horses are high maintence and only drink fresh water:)

There are a few of us doing the Breast Cancer walk tomorrow in Cincinnati. I haven't done it since 2004 in honor or my friend Rhoda who lost her battle and my friend Amanda-WHICH IS A SURVIVOR. I will be walking for my friend Tina and also in honor of my aunt who lost her battle in 08. It's amazing that almost EVERYONE you talk too knows someone that has or has had this ulgy disease. I know they have a cure for it but the government is making too much money on it-which is even ulglier!!!!-I don't even think that's a word but it is in my mind.

I will be doing another on-line challenge this Fall-email me for details.

I am currently helping 3 young girls and I know I can make changes to their future. It's amazing what a few small changes to your diet will do for you. I have not given these girls diets just the right & wrongs of their "food". I hope eveyone is still achieving their goals and training hard. YOU CAN DO IT.

I have attached a few pics of the girls and Rozalee's first day of pre-school. That school don't know what hit em'. She's going to be a comedian when she grows up-never know what she is going to do or say. Izabella is a big girl now in 1st grade. Alizabeth is now 3 months old and growing by the minute.

Email me if you need anything to help you achieve your goals.