Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy FALL

October and Fall yahooo
I love this time of year.  I have been OVER BUSY to say the least.  Where do I start?
We have had an event every Saturday since the first of September-from gymnastics, cheerleading, Angus Tours, Parades, cattle shows-you name it and we've done it-I can't wait for November when things slow down a bit.
I have been getting up real early to do cardio and get the show calves fed before 6 when I wake up the girls.  Training is still 3x a week-for now.
I started another 12 week challenge and I have a few girls that are really surprising me:)  I hope they keep it up-How bad do they want it?
Rozalee is at a new pre-school and loves it-she has had a few really fun field trips to various places including getting to ride in a fire truck (that was my first time too).
I recently just started a new job Children's Hospital)-I'm back to doing what I went to college for, being a vet tech.  I really missed working with the animals.  I still love John & Dominique at Parrillo-they are awesome people and a great company-made in the USA:)  I once had an old co worker-Betsy Harris tell me that your life turn in a full circle and man was she right.  I was a vet tech for 10+ years then went into the fitness world for about 7+ years and now back into the vet tech world AGAIN.  I love it-I was meant to be working on animals full-time. 
I am still training a few girls at my house and of course on-line-I'll never stop doing that.  I still love helpin ladies achieve their goals.  I will say that getting up at 4 to do cardio and train is an adjustment.  I like coming home in the evening and spending it with family. 
I keep growing with my Bear Necessity Store-always something new coming in.  Make sure you check it out.!/pages/The-Bear-Necessity-Store/169447466478685

Well ,tomorrow is our first parade that Izabella will be riding in on TITUS-our Clydesdale Stallion.  I'll post pics on facebook.

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