Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Programs

Happy Holidays-
We had 2 Christmas programs and church dinner on Sunday.
Izabella had her first school program. She is standing next to her best friend.
At Church Rozalee was Baby Jesus and Izabella was an Angel. Rozalee cackled the entire time. The microphone really picked up on it.. Izabella haD a kool-aid mustache from her school program... Rozalee was a very Fat Jesus and not PHAT. It was so cute.
We are finally getting our house put back together after our addition. I'm having a HUGE family Christmas on Sunday-wish me luck. I'll have lots of pictures. Santa will be arriving as a surprise at dinner. The kids will love that.
I hope you are all staying Phat and Happy. The 4 Bears sure are:)
Merry Christmas.

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