Friday, July 10, 2009

Killer Leg Day

Well, I was going to start out telling you all about Rozalee's birthday but I have to catch my breath and tell you about this killer leg workout I just did. I almost puked, it was actually worse than training legs w/ Kenny. (Which I did last Monday) got the workout out of Planet Muscle. I wanted to try something different. I've been doing 4x10 HEAVY on Monday and 4x20 on Friday not as heavy. I'm doing 6-8 different exercises. I've been doing lots of squats, lunges, leg press, hack machine, leg ext and much more:) Anyways, I wanted a change so Kenny told me he read this article and I should give it a try.
Here is what I did-hyperextensions no weight to failure ss w/ 12 deadlifts waited a minute and did hyperextensions w/ a 25# plate, 12 deadlifts-I didn't go much past my knee on these, wait 1 minute, 15 hyperextensions-no weight, 12 deadlifts. My deadlifts were as heavy as I could hold.
Then onto 4x20 db squats, 1x15 Heavier db squat, 1x12 heavier db squat
Yep, 6 sets of squats-next I put Rozalee in her walker and headed to the porch. Did I mention it is 89 degrees today-3x 25 walking lunges w/ bar then 5 more lunges w/out about 15 seconds rest inbetween. After I was about to puke I went and did 3x15 HEAVY hack machine-yep I wanted to hack alright. Finally 4x15 leg curls ss by 4x15 lunges (stationary and deep) hold light dumbbells.
I don't know if I'm allowed to copy this from the magazine but just wanted to share w/ you all what I just did.
I did sprints and ran 4 miles yesterday-so my legs were already fried when I woke up and only walked the girls in their stroller this morning. Can't wait till tomorrow:)
Ok, onto big and better things. Rozalee's 1st birthday went great. I've attached a few pics. She dove into her cupcake, mouth wide open. She left her hat on all day, I was surprised. We had lots of family/friends over. Kenny did all the grilling and mom and I did the other cooking. Izabella helped me make extra cupcakes-we only ate a little icing:)
I'm 10 weeks out so I attached those pics too. Alot has been going on, we have t-ball awards tomorrow, going camping, and I'm having my aunt & uncle visit for a week. I haven't seen them in about 2 years. We are going to surprise my grandma with their arrival. I do have to say I had another friend pass on-God Bless the Walker family. Life is so short, you just never know. I know so many people that are angry w/ their spouse or family members and I hate it. I hate that people live their life unhappy/angry. Make a change and be HAPPY. I can honestly say my husband and I never fight. Now, I may get mad because he doesn't put something away or something stupid like that but we always get over it shortly after. Don't leave the house angry or go to sleep mad. I hate it when people think they need to stay together for their kids. If your not happy, your're not going to make your kids happy. Take care of you first then worry about your family/friends. I watched this on the news this morning and it just hit home a bit. I wish my parents would of divorced when I was younger, because all they did was fight when I was growing up. But instead they waited till their 25th wedding anniversary and divorced. I was 25 at the time and I think it was harder being older.

Anyways, on a positive note, have a great weekend. I have to put my desk back together-Rozalee has torn it apart while I have been typing this:)


Kathy:)! said...

That's awesome, Heather! Thanks for the inspiration!

Mari said...

Thank you Heather, Beautiful pictures!!