Monday, June 21, 2010

Heading to AUSTIN, TEXAS


Did you all think I disappeared? I have been slammed w/ everything and anything.

I have to start off by saying CONGRATULATIONS to Lishia for her 4th place finish at Jr. Nationals. Her routine woke the house up!!! She proved that you do not have to be a gymnist or cheerleader to perform a kick ass routine. She didn't even have a cart-wheel in there. All strength moves and it was awesome. I think her friend put it on you-tube. This was my first time seeing the Jr. Nationals. I thought the Jr USA's were tough, my goodness-these girls don't play. Everyone that walked out there looked amazing. You CAN NOT call yourself a national level competitor till you have competed w/ these chicks on stage-that's for dang sure!!!

I was very impressed. I didn't get to see the finals cause I left Sat. morning to be home for Father's Day but I heard that Lishia rocked the house again on Sat. night even more than Friday night.

We spent Father's Day in the pool and as a family. The girls had a blast and I got fried. They all put on sunscreen and I put on oil/iodine. Shows how smart I am!!!

We have 2 t-ball games left and I'm so excited. The girls and I are going to visit a friend in Tx this week. This will be the first time I take the girls on a plane together. I think it takes longer to get packed and ready than it does the couple of days you are there. It's almost like packing to go camping.

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Mary M said...

Hey Bear! Nice seeing the photos look beautiful! Have fun in Texas! I sent you an email a couple days ago.

Miss you chica! XOXO