Monday, July 26, 2010

Where is the Summer Going?

Congratulations to Amanda and David!! What a beautiful wedding. It was great to see alot of the ladies I used to work w/ as a Vet Tech at Ethicon. I miss the people but not the corporate crap that went along w/ it.
This is where I have to preach that you have to like your job to be happy 100%. I got to the miserable point at that place-fun job, good paycheck but not worth the stress.
T-ball is finally over. We all had a great season. Next year Izabella will be in instructional softball-and I'm not reading a LONG rule book to coach!!!
Well I'm trying to get better at facebook, I just don't see how everyone finds the time to type in all that they do all day. I'm trying and my friends are giving me crap for not being on there all the time.
Congratulations to Joyce Rogers, my very first client will be in a very popular magazine soon. I helped her do her video for them. I'm very excited for her-she has come a long way.
I have several clients that are kicking butt and I'm getting ready to help a few get onstage for the first time. I'm very excited for them.
Let me know if you are looking for a trainer.
Remember it's not how long you train but how smart you train. A Parrillo trainer told me that last week when one of his clients saw me start a leg workout and finish it in 30 minutes. Trust me that 30 minutes kicked my ass. Literally!!!
Have a great last week of HOT JULY.
Till next time,

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