Monday, November 1, 2010

Congratulations NICOLE!!!

Nicole is the lady I was telling you about earlier. She has a great story-like most women BUT she made time for herself to compete. She had a goal and went after it. She placed 2nd in Figure Novice out of 13 and 2nd in her figure class which had 10 girls in it. I was so proud of her, I was so nervous, you would of thought that it was me up there. She is going to compete again in a few weeks.

I hope you all had a great Halloween. My Minnie Mouses sure did!!!!! We have enough candy to last us till next years Halloween. Izabella wants to wear her outfit when we go on our Disney Cruise. Hey, if anyone has done a Disney Cruise let me know. The entire family on my side is going and I want to know if there is something I should or shouldn't do. We are so excited. I've never been in a cruise before!!!

Also let me know if you are interested in the Brookville Workout Weekend at teh new gym. It's Jan 8-9. My friend Beth is already teaching classes there so it should be a great weekend.

It will be similar to the one her and Joyce Rogers did last year. I will be teaching more than legs this year though!!!! I know all the ladies loved the leg workout!!!!
Have a great week and GO COLTS!!!!
I'm heading to the MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME!!!! I've never been so I'm so excited. Should be a good game!!!!!


Susan Bowser said...

Heather - we took our girls on the Disney cruise a few years ago and had the most wonderful time. You better save up your cheat meals because the food on the ship is fantastic. Disney does everything first class!

Where are you sailing to?

Bearclaw said...

Thanks Susan for the update. I already have prepared for the food:) I'm only going to do 1 family cruise so I'm doing it 1st class too. We are doing the Caribbean.