Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well, I was home for 48 hours and Jen and I our now in WARM PHOENIX Arizona. We got hit w/ a huge snow/ice storm on Wed/Thurs but I made it to the airport finally after 3 hours of driving. Kenny and I did get to take the girls sledding, which was fun!!! Izazbella even got to ice skate last week w/ her new pink skates before I left for Canada. I didn't get a chance to put these pics up last week.

Just so you know, I love Phoenix and their weather. I'm getting to do sprints outside and I LOVE it. I have Spring Fever:) It will even be better in Tampa next week.
Stay Warm wherever you are.

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Kathy:)! said...

Hi Heather! I did my sprints outside today too!! It was great not having to keep changing speed on treadmill and having to listen to the pounding. It was still a little cold, but the sun was shining!! See you soon!! OH, and I got new shoes too!!