Monday, August 17, 2009

Congratulations Adela

I want to send a HUGE Congratulations to Adela. She came back after a terrible knee sx and won the Europa this past weekend!!!!

The Bear glan went to the Indy Zoo this past week-it's nothing like Cincinnati. The kids had fun and that is all that matters. Izabella got to ride a horse. Kenny and I went to Crue Fest and it was AWESOME. I have to admit Vince Neil is gorgeous. Tommy Lee hurt his hand and couldn't drum:( Godsmack was actually better than Motley Crue.

It's humid as heck in Indiana, so we just have been hanging out in the pool. I got a few more cows so I got to build fence in this humid weather. The girls love having the cows by the house. Rozalee can feed our bull, he eats out of her hand.
Kenny had a birthday. I let Izabella decorate the cake. She said her daddy was number 1, so that's why we put a 1 on it instead of 44 candles.

As far as training, I'm still doing cardio 5x a week. I actually just got done walking w/ the girls. My legs are still sore from Friday's training. I've been playing w/ protein powder and making a few recipes. I did a blackberry cobbler that was pretty good. I've been picking blackberries all summer. My goal was 5 gallons so I could get some blackberry wine made. I didn't get that accomplished because my dogs are eating my berries before I can get them all picked. I love sharing my experiments w/ ya, so let me know if you have any ideas you want to share or want me to share. I made the girls home made pizza Thursday night out of protein powder and they loved it. I used it instead of flour for the crust.

Well I have to go work at the salon today so until next week.

Have a good one and e-mail me if you need anything.



Mommy Long Legs said...

Can I get your pizza crust recipe? We are Italian and have been making homemade pizza since before me but never with protein powder, fully, for the flour. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have been doing more with protein powder too. I just can't seem to eat enough ( I get full ) in one day to hit a good calorie count. So I started doing a lot with protein shakes to get in the extra. I love to freeze all sorts of fruit and blend them in. Any great tips on getting these last two pounds off my love handles so my ripped up abs (I just know are under there) will show? Maybe you can help me with that at camp. See you in a few weeks!