Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break YAHOOOO

My butt is still changing and I'm actually eating more:)


Well Izabella is on Spring Break this week. It was finally nice enough to go to the park on Saturday. She rode her bike and I chased her pushing Rozalee. She kept saying faster faster-which made me get in a sprint session:)
I have a LONG gravel driveway and since the snow is gone Kenny finally got to get some new gravel put down. I would have Izabella get 1/2 way down then I would try to catch her-another great sprint day. Kenny was just waiting for 1 of us to wipe out.
I have a tip of the week for ya-do you walk on the balls of your feet, flat footed or heels first? If you want to work on your butt-DO NOT go buy a pair of those high dollar tenny shoes walk w/ your heels first. I have been doing this since January and it is making a difference. I was a sprinter in high school so I got in the habit of walking on my toes. Hard habits are hard to break but they make a difference.
Remember this week when you are training-when it gets tough PUSH through those last couple reps-THEY ARE THE ONES THAT MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.
One last thing-we had a make-up day at gymnastics yesterday and quess what-THERE WAS A DAD whose little girl was having a birthday party at the gym and he was sitting at her birthday table watching the basketball game on his laptop. I wanted to pick it up and throw it across the floor.
Thanks for the comments on that-I was hoping I wasn't the only one that thought that it was wrong not to watch your kids at the gym.


Kathy:)! said...

you are so tiny!!! Great job!!!

Mary M said...

Looking good girl and thanks for the tip on know us Italian booties have to stick together...I need to pay attention how I actually walk now! Hmmmmmm

Miss you!

serenity said...

Unbelievable how tiny you look!! You are sooo inspiring!