Monday, April 5, 2010

In Memory of Jim

WHY ????
Why do all of the GOOD GUYS have to leave us so early. I met Jim back in 99 and since that day I knew he was the type of guy that would give you the shirt off his back. We spent 2 weeks out in Sturgis back in 2000 and he was the life of the party. He always brought dessert to Thursday night supper when us "bikers" would meet up at our friends house. He played Santa for the hospitals and the children's home. He wanted every kid to see Santa at Christmas. He played Santa for our bike club. Since we have had the girls we sold our bike last year and don't get out much to see our good ole' biker friends. Even though I didn't see him and his wonderful wife Linda as much as we used to-they would ALWAYS welcome us w/ a big hug and kiss. Jim passed away of cancer and today is his visitation. I wish we had our Harley to ride like everyone else but I'm sure Jim will understand:) It's killing me to type this. I had actually planned on blogging about my show I did this weekend-but that's not even important right now. Please put the Mooreheads in your thoughts and prayers today.
Cancer is such an ugly disease-I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rest in Peace Big Daddy Moorehead. No one will ever forget your huge ASS smile. I hope you are drinking a COLD ONE!!!! LOVE YA

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Kathy:)! said...

I'm so sorry to hear this news Heather. I will say a special prayer for them.