Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't sweat the small stuff

I was hurrying this morning when I wrote my blog. I forgot to attach some pics and other "stuff".

I am so glad that I have "not sweating the small stuff" figured out. I have a crazy week ahead and awhile ago, I would have been stressing, trying to figure out how I'm going to get to 2 places at once and the list goes on and on. BUT instead I don't worry about that small stuff anymore. I'll get where I need to be when I get there. Don't get me wrong I hate to be late and it doesn't happen very often BUT w/ being a mom-it happens. I'm just happy to have a great husband and 2 wonderful girls. I'm blessed to have as good as girls as I do have. I take them to dinner when Kenny is at work and people will ask me-who went w/ ya, you took both your kids to dinner. I always say YEP-just me and the girls. I know SEVERAL moms that couldn't do that w/ their young kids. I'm just happy to be alive, have family and great friends. I get clients that call me having "bad" weeks. WE ALL HAVE THEM-we are human, you just have to prioritize your wants/needs. I put my family first BUT I do still make ME TIME. Since I know I'm having a crazy week, I'm planning to get up early and stay up alittle later to get done what needs to get done ie-working out/cardio.

I also will be Izabella's Pre-schools teacher's daughter's final project for school. (is that even a word) anyways-she is following us around taking pics of everything for her photojournalism class. I told her I wasn't that interesting but her professor wanted a final done on a bodybuilder. I'm far from a bodybuilder but I'll do my best to get her a good grade. Good Luck Sara on your final.

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