Saturday, August 21, 2010

School Started!!!

I've never seen someone so eager to go to school and a little sister so eager for her to come home!!! Izabella is in Kindergarten-and I can't believe it. She's loving it but her sister isn't. Rozalee is so excited when I say let's go get the golf cart and pick up your sissy. The bus drops her off at the end of our driveway. It's been an exciting week.
WELL It's OFFICIAL I am a PARRILLO CERTIFIED TRAINER!!! I'm so excited, I'm already using what I have learned on my clients this week. I still can't believe all that I learned. All of my classmates said the same thing.
I have to admit my training slacked the last 2 weeks due to me not feeling well and it showed in my bodystats. I kicked ass this week and THANK GOD it showed. It's amazing what a sickness will do to your strength and cardio and just not wanting to eat. It proves that eating is very important when it comes to putting on muscle and burning fat.
Well the Bears are off to a Gymnastics Carnival:) Wish us luck, it's a 2 dayer!!!


TICYN said...

Good luck!

blyles22 said...

She is growing like a seems like yesterday I was looking at pics of her trying on your competition suit......She is gorgeous...of course. XOXOXO

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