Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

I had a WONDERUL BIRTHDAY WEEKEND. I love that my birthday is on a holiday weekend. Friday we grilledd out, had a campfire and ate Smores, Saturday we took the Jeep and the girls to get a Dairy Queen Blizzard, Kenny and I got to go to dinner and a movie then Sunday we had another birthday party. At 8:30PM Kenny decided to invite all the kids over for a sleepover. We made Smores at midnight and all the kids, Kenny and his sister slept in a tent outside by our campfire/pool. It was too cold for Rozalee-so she slept in the bed w/ me. The kids woke up this morning wanting pancakes:) Kenny and his sister ended up sleeping on the ground. I honestly thought one of the kids would get scared and want to go home but they had a ball. Izabella was so happy that her daddy came up w/ that idea. After everyone went home, we took another Jeep ride to get more Dairy Queen. Izabella likes DQ more than I do-if you can believe that.

Needless to say between all the Dairy Queen, hamburgers, chips and beer-I'll be doing extra cardio this week. I had so much fun though-it was worth it. Did I mention Kenny and the girls got me a Dairy Queen CAKE, and the girls made me the cutest card. I am very blessed w/ a wonderful family.
Last week 2 of my friends made me more cake and peanut butter pie:) Thanks Beth and Joyce. We went to the park for a nice walk and lunch. Rozalee and I are still taking weekly long bike rides. My friend Joyce got me biker shorts w/ padding and a new seat for my bike-I lOVE it and so does my butt.
Also last weekend we attended the weekend long GRAVELRAMMA. If you don't know what it is-google it!!! It's built up Jeeps and trucks climbing a 7 story high sand pile. These guys put thousands and thousands of dollars in their motors. It's awesome. On Friday night we watched the flat drags and Izabella couldn't wait till morning to see the hill climb. I actually got to see an old friend climb the hill. It was a great weekend in Southeastern Indiana!!! It made up for me missing Turtle Fest.
This weekend I will be getting my own butt kicked for 3 days straight by John Parrillo and Mike Feulner. I'm actually scared and very nervous. I am praying that I don't puke and that I can just survive this weekend. I know guys that have a tough time, so I can only imagine what I will be doing - especially my Dairy Queen belly:)
I hope you all had as much fun as I have the past 2 weeks. I'll have more pics soon of the late night camp over.

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