Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween right around the corner

Why can't my girls decide what they want to be for Halloween??? Izabella changes her mind every couple days. I guess she is like most of us females-we can't decide if we want to go to the gym, sleep in a few extra minutes, eat clean or go to a fast food place, take a family walk or just sit on the couch-sound familiar?
It's time to make up your mind and make TIME for you-only 1 hour 5x a week is all you need-any could even do a little less if you wanted to be a little more intense in a shorter amount of time.
Start thinking about your goals TODAY-not tomorrow and set them and GO ACHIEVE THEM. It's not that hard. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT???
This has been my saying since I lost my baby weight in 2005-and I'm sticking to it.
Ladies, we all want to stay in our warm beds an extra hour but does that make up for the dessert/drinks you had this week? NO, so get up and get your butt moving.
Ok enough of that-
I'm going to have a transformation make-over starting Jan 1st to help keep ladies motivated and headed in the right direction. Email me now if you are interested. There will be a great prize for the top 3 winners.
I will also be helping my 2 dear friends Beth & Joyce at their BFF Weekend in Brookville in January. Email me if you have any questions-we will have a blast and you will learn TONS. It's at a NEW gym in Brookville.

Well if I can motivate you in any way email me at
Congratulations to Julie Borchert-a former Getphatonline client was also featured in this months Oxygen-Off the Couch issue. I worked w/ her when I worked for GetPhat. Julie went after her goals and look at her now!


Kathy:)! said...

Great post, Heather! Sounds like you are doing GREAT!! Congrats on the Parrillo certification too!!

Bearclaw said...

How the heck are you? I miss you?