Monday, December 6, 2010

What a Trip !!!!

I can't believe I went from putting on sun-block 1 day to a snow suit the next:) How's that happen? Good ole' Indiana weather.
We went on the best vacation ever-4 generation Disney Cruise then came home to put on our snow suits and go to a Horse Christmas Parade:)
We took my mom and 86 yr old Grandma on a Disney Cruise and let me tell ya, I'll never go back to Disney after that. No lines to see the characters, no lines to eat, the wonderful food 24 hours a day, the sun, the Disney Beach, the pools, the waiters, the seafood, the BOAT-everything was amazing and so much cheaper than Disney. I couldn't believe how the characters interacted w/ the childen all week. Izabella had a club that was all her age, they made cookies, learned to dance w/ Snow White, the Mickey Slide, the things for Rozalee to do, the adults only floor to watch football, bingo for Grandma-you name it they had it. I still am in ahhhh about the trip.
We had so much FUN-our view was beautiful. The veranda was perfect and the towel animals were too cute. I need to be a Disney Cruise sales person!!! I can't speak highly enough about it.

Did I mention all the girls including my Grandma got their hair braided in the Bahamas!!! Izabella & Rozalee still have theirs in today.
What was bad was coming home to a snow storm. I love the snow but I hate driving in it. We went to our annual Lebanon Christmas Horse parade on Saturday. It was very pretty w/ the snow and the sleds decorated w/ the horses. I love this holiday season. We put up our tree last night as we watched the Colts lose. I thought Kenny was going to climb into the TV and throw the ball for Peyton. I'm finishing decorating today. Santa will be here Saturday so I'll have some pics to post then too. I think he has a surpise for everyone this year?????

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