Monday, December 27, 2010

Anyone Else want to get into the CHALLENGE???

I hope you had a MERRY CHRISTMAS we did, it was a little nuts. Why do they have to make 2yr old toys that hook-up to your computer and WHY do we pay the China people to package the 1000 pieces that go to a toy in 100 twisty ties? It takes longer get the toy out of the box than it does to actually go to work to pay for the toy!!! Kenny was about to pull his hair out w/ some of these baby doll pieces.

If there is anyone else that wants to get in my 12 week challenge email me ASAP or call me.

I'm going to send out your questionaires today.

Good Luck and GO ACHIEVE YOUR 2011 GOALS

Also contact me or Beth if you are interested in the Brookville workout weekend. We have some great things planned.

Happy 2011

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