Friday, June 26, 2009

Camping and Baby Contest

I have added a few camping pics from our last weekend at the camp. We are heading there again today w/ a wedding tomorrow.

Rozalee placed 2nd out of 30 at our county fair baby contest. It was 100+ degrees and she was still smiling. It was so much fun.

I'm officially 12 weeks out from Team U. I thought I would take a week off from the gym after Jr. Usa's but I didn't. I did take 2 weeks off of the 2 hours of cardio and only did 45 minutes a day. I've still got my head in the game and ready to make some improvements. I'm working this BUTT 2x a week and have stuck to a pretty good diet the last couple of weeks. We had several graduation parties etc to attend and I was proud of myself. I had a little fun but not too much, if ya know what I mean. It is summer and I do want to have fun w/ my husband and family. I know if I get too out of control, that's just harder I have to work in the upcoming weeks.

I hope you are all staying cool and have fun w/ family and friends. Live is too short sometimes, so enjoy and don't live w/ any regrets.

Have a PHAT weekend


Kathy:)! said...

Good for you, Heather!!! I'm so glad to hear it.. Congrats to Rozalee! WOW!

Mommy Long Legs said...

What is Team U?