Saturday, June 20, 2009

My shirts are up on my site!!!!

Here ya go, Ms Fitness 2030-if the Hummer's still going in 20 years.
Does this Hummer look familiar to anyone?
Check out my shirts on my site-they are finally up!
I hope you all are having a nice HOT summer, we sure are in Indiana. We may have to build an ARK to get outside if it doesn't quit raining. It's so humid, seems like Spring just keeps pushing into June.
It's been great getting outside for morning cardio around 6am because around 7am I'm ringing wet of sweat. Hope you all have a great weekend.


Maryanne said...

Hi Heather, love the pics of Isabella. She is getting so big now, a bit like her gorgeous by Tucker here in Australia. LOL. xxx

Maryanne said...

oops that should say boy!

I Don't Like Fire Ants said...

Oh, look at Rhodie w/his summer haircut!

Love the pics!