Friday, September 25, 2009

Best Fried Chicken EVER

I have to tell ya-I do not like fried chicken but MAN can the Manchester Fire Dept. fry up the best chicken ever. I stopped up there on Sunday and it was amazing. I wish they did it more than 2x a year. It was all fat free, calorie free too-well that's at least what I told my butt:)

Indiana is getting to become a has to quit raining sometime. Kenny is having a quad party this weekend. We are expecting about 20 guys to come over and ride. Hope they bring their rain suits. We were planning on taking the girls to the Fall Fest but looks like it's not even going to let up for that.

Izabella and I went to Disney on Ice Wednesday w/ my friend Meg and her daughter. We had awesome seats and guess what? I took my camera but NO battery. I can't believe I did that, so we bought a 15.00 book w/ good pictures in it to show Kenny.

Well everyone is in Vegas at the O. Best of luck to the girls-Go Get em Adela.

Have a great weekend and hope it's dry where you are.

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