Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Viruses YUCK

Where do I begin?
I had a great weekend in Toronto at Phat Camp. I came home to a virus on my computer from Facebook-sorry if you got it from me. I DID NOT send any e-mails from facebook, just so you know. It's not like we don't have enough viruses w/ the regular flu and now Swine Flu. I can't believe people actually have that much extra time to make computer viruses:( On top of my computer being SICK, my blackberry keyboard broke at the same time. I actually thought my phone also had a virus. I was about in melt down mode UNTIL my best friend asked me to watch her kids because her dad died. MAN-did that put my life in perspective FAST. Here I thought I was having a bad day but nothing like she was going through. I took her girls and mine to get pizza and just was thankful to be there.
Please say a prayer for my friend Megan and her family. When you think you have it bad-there is could always be worse.
I just thought I would share that w/ everyone. Don't worry about something like a computer virus when it could be much worse.

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