Monday, October 5, 2009

Crazy Weekend

What a non-stop week/weekend.

We have the Aurora's Farmer's Fair-which is a BIG event for little Indiana. The girls got to see the Budweiser horses on Tuesday. I think those horses live better than we do. They are BEAUTIFUL.

The fair also has Quacky-the famous clown. The girls both got balloons made into a dog and flower. We also rode plenty of rides and played many games. Did I mention the "fair food":) Friday was a girls night out. The parade Saturday morning lasted over 2 hours. I got to take my grandma this year and she loved it more than the girls. Grandma even played a few games. Saturday we had 2 birthday parties to attend. Sunday we went to Canal Days in Metamora, Indiana. Did I mention more "fair food"?:) We did take a canal ride pulled by draft horses. Saw more clowns, face painting, dogs, horses and Izabella got to go into an old mill. It was a great weekend for the Bears.

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