Sunday, November 8, 2009

Transformation of the Month

I'm so honored to receive this. If you are not already a member of World Physique-you need to be. Their site and magazine is awesome.
Check it out.


Kathy:)! said...

oh my gosh, Heather! Again, you continue to blow me away... running sprints in the hospital parking lot! wow... congrats on this honor and the great article!

Mary M said...


You deserve it Girl!!!!

Shari Kraft said... little Cowgirl, you. I didn't know about the bull riding thing. Great article. you're still my hero!

Sandy Libke said...

Oh I loved reading your interview. Congratulations !
You deserve it. You are such an inspiration to everyone, especially me. I sill look at your pic when I train to keep me motivated. I had a break for a while and have just gotten my head back in the game and now I read your article, GREAT TIMING !!! Thanks.
Hey my goal also it to get on a cover of a fitness magazine be fore I am 50. That gives me 1.5 years.
You can count on me asking you for advise and seeing me at camp.
Congratulations again.