Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Holidays to EVERYONE

Well last weekend we went to the Lebanon Ohio Horse Parade. It is 1 hour of nothing but horse drawn carriages. We try to go every year because it is the BEST of the BEST of parades.

My grandma, mom, Izabella and I also went to see the Rockettes this week. I want to be a dancer!!! That is an awesome show and recommend it to anyone. There is so much talent up there on that stage, it's breath taking.

Izabella was in her school Christmas program and our church program this weekend. She had her first program where she actually had to say something by herself. She did great but let me tell you, when the teacher says to say it loud, she does-guess she gets that from me!!! You could hear her over everyone when it comes to her singing x-mas songs. It was alot of fun, Rozalee liked seeing her sister up there too.

Well as usual, I hope you all have a great holiday season and spend time w/ family and friends.

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Sylvia said...

ha ha that is so cute that your daughter has a booming voice. I am amazed every year when I go to PHAT Camp and you manage to make your sweet little voice BOOOM out over a room of 100 gals! Love it!