Friday, January 15, 2010

This is why they are called BEFORE'S

These pics just kicked my butt in MOTIVATION MODE. WOW, I'm embarassed to post them. BUT, I promised I would and I always keep my promises.

For those of you that don't know Kenny & I are HUGE FANS.

I also got my own butt handed to me by John Parrillo this week. OMG- I have NEVER worked legs like that before EVER, EVER. What an eye opener. My legs were screaming and so was I. Holy Cow. I now know how the Biggest Loser's feel when they say they can't and Jillian makes them do more. I have NEVER done a set of 100 for legs BUT I did it!!! I also now know how it feels to say no more and then I have to do another 25:) I learned to keep my mouth shut after doing about 50 more than I would of had too to begin with.
Izabella's teachers told us at the parent/teacher conference that she talks alot. Now, I know where she gets it from:) At least it comes honestly !!
We are heading to a gymnastics meet tomorrow. Izabella is so excited to watch the big girls compete.
Have a PHAT Weekend

Till next week-Hope I can see some difference in my pics. Lord knows I need it:)


Mary M said...

Hey girl...David and I are cracking up and NOT at YOU but your hair do! He makes fun of me all the time I do my hair the EXACT same when I train...this black knob on top of my head!!!!!!

Can't wait to see you in February!

ItIZWhatItIZwithLiz said...

I am SOOO proud of you for posting your before pics! I think you are just adorable! I am meeting Cheryl tomorrow and we are measuring and taking before pics as well! I know I will be really motivated once I see them as well! Any particular show? I have been on Jen's plan for 2 weeks now and have lost 8! 20 plus more to go!

100 lunges! I know Jen has a leg workout that she had over 300 in! She also made me do some crab and spider thing this week where my butt just dragged the ground! My new goal is just get 5 of those things in without my butt hitting the floor! Love ya and miss ya and will be watching ya~

Lynn says come on to NC! We want to see the BEARS!

Krissa said...

"embarassed to post them," YOU SILL GIRL! You still look fit and healthy. Cant be super duper lean all year. You look great!