Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Off to a Great 2010


We are on our way!!!!!

I have my pics to post (can you tell I was hurrying)(what a facial expression & ya gotta love the hair):) I'm down 6 pounds on the scale BUT 3+ pounds of fat and +.6 pound of lean mass:) I've never checked this info before and it's paying off. The first week I lost 1.6 pounds of lean mass so I upped my protein and BAM more fat loss and a + lean mass. I'll take that. I'm fired up about this year-like never before. Ya know, I have road blocks like each of you, being a mom, wife, flat tires, car wrecks, family issues, running to gymnastics, working full-time, and trying to workout and do 1.5 hours of cardio. I DO IT, yep sometimes I don't want to BUT I block everything out and make sure I do a kick ass workout. I have found out that I do better when you have your full mind on your workout-don't just go through the motions. If you are going to do it DO IT RIGHT. This is something my husband has been trying to tell me for a long time and w/ a little help-I got it figured out!!!

I'm off to Calgary in the AM till Monday then SHOULDER SX on Tuesday. Say a prayer I'm not laid up too long-my mind is in the game and I don't want to stop.
Wanted to show our 6 month old pup that weighs 85 pounds. Him and Rozalee are BUDDIES BIG TIME. Izabella just yells at him cause Rozalee feeds him all of their toys and babies!!!! She fed him my Colts hat on Sunday. Before I knew it was gone - it was GONE into pieces. She feeds him Goldfish, crackers, cookies, bananas, apples, pancakes, sandwiches whatever she eats she shares w/ him.
Till next week, I hope you are all still achieving your goals and staying dedicated to your workouts.


Mary M said...

Prayers are with you Always Ms. Bear! Have a rocking Camp!

See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!

serenity said...

Heather, how are you tracking the body fat changes?? I have always wanted to do this on a more regular basis? Do you have someone doing calipers on you or is it just with a scale?

Kathy:)! said...

Good question serenity. I'd like to know too. Heather, you look great! I can't believe the difference already! That is awesome!

Bearclaw said...

I'm doing it at Parrillo's w/ calipers checking 9 places and an electronic scale. I'm learning alot about it.

Kathy:)! said...

That's awesome Heather!

Sinikka said...

Hello there,

I love your two-piece on the pics <3. Great that you're blogging on your contest prep. Will be following your progress from here for sure. Keep up the excellent work!!

Sinikka :)