Friday, February 5, 2010


I returned from an awesome 2010 Calgary camp. It was nice and cold up there but well worth the trip. We got home on Monday night and I woke up Tuesday morning to go have shoulder sx. I won't be posting pics this week due to my arm being in a sling. I'm getting better daily. I honestly didn't think it would hurt as bad as it did. I had Kenny take the dressing off of it last night so I could at least take a bath. I'm heading for my check-up, hope it is where the dr wants it to be.
Have a Phat Weekend



ItIZWhatItIZwithLiz said...

OUCH! Sorry those Colts did not win! Hope you are OK!

SARAH said...

hope you're ok! What do you mean it was cold in Calgary? That was a nice warm weekend!