Monday, September 13, 2010

Exteme Training Camp

What can I say-I have been to lots of camps but NONE that even touches this kind of camp. Totally different than what I'm used too.

There were male, female bodybuilders, figure, fitness and bikini competitors and ladies just getting ready to take the stage for the first time. I have been working w/ John Parrillo since January and I thought I had learned alot from him already. Well, I learned much more, not only about how and why he designed equipment like he has but the how and why you need to eat to get ready for a show and how to eat getting ready for a show so you don't blow up afterwards. He teaches how to eat in the off season and how not to get fat. With all the products he has you can't get fat. Who else had protein cookies, ice kreem, brownies, frosting, cake mix and much more that is sugar free and fat free AND MADE ALL IN THE USA!!!!!!!!!
We started on Friday night w/ dinner and chatting. We had tilapia, green beans and the best salad I have ever had in my life. All the participants could sample anything they wanted all weekend. There were some bodybuilers in the protein brownies, ice kreem and frosting-that thought they died and went to heaven. We started discussing nutrition while our food settled, then it was time to hit the floor. We did 30 minutes of cardio which was made up into 2 minute then 1 minute stations some exmples were incline presses, swing squat, leg press, shoulder press, abs and more. I made it through that OK but was soaked at the end. Lishia stayed w/ me and let me tell ya we both slept well. I was amazed at people that do 2 hours of cardio a day that were struggling w/ 30 minutes.
On Saturday we started w/ back and ended w/ a 100 rep set. Yes, my lats are hurting today. I have been training back w/ John since April and I can honestly say that my summer shirts from last year don't fit this year. I have grown so much in my lats that I even had to by bigger bras. I love it.
We had chicken, stuffed peppers, salad, baked pot. and I can't even rememeber all that was served-all of it was amazing and all of the recipes are online in the CapTri cookbook, if you are interested. After a few more discussions it was time for legs. I demo'ed how to do Parrillo Pelvic Pushes w/ 3 plates just cause I do them weekly. Then it was BELT SQUAT TIME. I have only done this 1x in my life. I was SCARED TO DEATH. We all did 1 100 # plate for 20 reps, then 200# for 15, 300# for 12 and 400# for as many as you can do then 100# for 100 reps. My goal was to match Lishia at 16, well my mind was in the right place and I won at 21 reps w/ 400# belted to my waist. It also shows how important a spotter is when lifting this heavy. After that we were all shot and did 10o rep set for calves and ate dinner.
On Sunday we did a cardio session that was the hardest I have ever done in my life. Try sprinting on a treadmill w/ it turned off, doing a powerlifter move then pylos for your resting period. All in 1 minute, 45 sec and 30 second intervals. We had 3 sec. to get to the next station, we couldn't stop till we made the 3 sec mark. I was about to start kicking peoples butts myself to get them to move it!!! We then ate breakfast and had these sweet pot muffins and a killer keish (not sure how to even spell that)? We went over chest, shoulders and abs. How many of you use your hip flexors when you do abs? I learned how NOT to use your hip flexors at ALL??? I learned how to train different parts of your pecs and different parts of your shoulders and how to isolate a muscle. I had never learned this before. I was amazed how form was the most important thing, it's not about moving the weight to get it where it needs to be but doing it properly to avoid injury and actually make the muscles grow. The thing I love about John is that he has been around for over 30 years and he showed bodybuilders how to grow by eating the proper calories and training HARD CORE. It's not about taking drugs to get there but to be patient and work freakin HARD. Pain is NOT an option at PARRILLO. I think that's where the powerlifting days come out in him. YOU DO NOT STOP WHEN IT GETS HARD or you do MORE. IF YOU DON'T GET DEEP ENOUGH YOU DO IT AGAIN. I am totally changing my body and I'm eating very clean and enjoying it. It's awesome and the group was awesome. It was cool to be working out w/ IFBB Pros and people working to get their pro card. It's all about having the mind set to get to the next level-unless your mind is set you won't be able to do it. SET IT TODAY!!!! I did


Sylvia said...

wicked awesome post Heather!!! I really missed you at PHAT Camp Edmonton this year. Your post just totally motivated me and made me wanna kick some @ss! THANKS!!!

Bearclaw said...

Hello Sylvia,
Sorry but I had quit in March and was asked to stay w/ GPO till July. It was time to move on-lots of issues going on. I'm glad I motivated ya. Keep in touch.

Lynne M said...

I have heard of Parillo before. Sounds like some great new info for you. I may have to come train with you for a few days! Send me an email with some info if you have time! Have a great weekend!

Bearclaw said...

I'd love to have you to my house, you're really not that far. Will you be at the Monster Mash-I have a girl in the show.
Great to hear form you