Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weekend Workout Camp in Stettler

Where do I start?

I have been meaning to write this for 2 weeks-but every time I start to do it I get side tracked. I had Parrillo Certification last weekend and never got around to it.

Anyways-WOW to Tara & Mike

Who gets to go to Canada and never have to get out in the cold except to get on/off the plane? Me-Not only did I get a message daily but also had amazing home cooked meals everyday-allday. We even had lunch catered on Saturday. I felt like a princess being in a home that had a full day-spa, gym, racquet ball court and so much more. The bed I slept in was more comfy than my own. I could never repay Tara & Mike for all they have done for me. I greatly appreciate it. I know all the girls loved/hated me at some point:) They all made a special place in my heart. I am very happy with how they all pushed through the pain. They all learned how to stretch, eat and train. Did I mention how they loved the cardio in the raquet ball room!

Well again thank you all for the very WARM WELCOME TO STETTLER. Love ya all


Anonymous said...

Agree with abdominal exercise machines. I had one before and dang! it didn’t flatten my stomach. Calorie control is important. Crunches can’t help much as well, crunches can tone abs or strengthen abdominal muscles but it can’t really help in losing belly fats.

Bearclaw said...

Yes, diet is KEY to the abs:) I totally agree