Friday, April 24, 2009

5 Weeks and Counting!!!


I had a long week and didn't have a chance to post last week. Things are great at the Bear House. Rozalee started crawling and is in to EVERYTHING. She is totally opposite of Izabella. She's going to think her name is NO.
I attached a few pics of the girls getting their ears pierced. Izabella already is picking out more earrings!!!

My diet is going good and my cardio is kicking BUTT-literally.

We're at Atlanta Phat Camp and will post more later. Have a great weekend.


Angela said...


You look amazing, Go Girl!!!! All your hard work is paying off. What a beautiful daughter!!! Have fun at Phat Camp, I wanted to be there soo bad!!!
Luv ya
Angela/GPO Client/Alaska

Lynne M said...

You are looking awesome Heather!!

Betsy said...

Heather Rosalee looks just like you!! Miss you babe. Keep working hard you are gonna be great on stage:) xo Betsy

blyles22 said...

You look amazing!!!!!!! WOW!!! Keep up the hard work and continue to kick ass! And keep running!!!!! Love Ya!