Thursday, April 30, 2009

My T-Ball Team-GOOD LUCK

Good Luck Little Bears

I'm currently in Edmonton, Canada at camp and my T-ball team is playing their opening day. Kenny and my good friend Megan are coaching for me today. All of my players are great kids. I absolutely love coaching them. Next Wednesday is our first game, so I'll post pics next week.

I was in Atlanta last week and Canada this week, so I really haven't had time to stop and think-which is a good thing because I may just think about a pizza!!! I do have to tell you about a really cool thing they did at Atlanta Phat Camp. Our dear friend/client/many time phat camper decided to have a donation time for Lishia and myself. This was to help w/ the expenses leading up to our shows this summer. Jen played a song and we did push-ups and popsquats while these ladies laid money in our face. It was the coolest thing. I can not THANK them enough. I really did appreciate that. That's what's keeping me going-all of you. I'm still doing 2 hours of cardio and my training. I'm pretty much just eating tilapia and asparagus at this point. Well, till next week - God Bless all of ya.


Ali said...

Hey HB - you are almost there, can't wait for your show!!!! What's your post-show favorite treat that you are planning?

Bearclaw said...

Anything and EVERYTHING:)
I'm coming home from the show straight to the campground w/ my family. I'm just going to enjoy some family time for the weekend.

Shari Kraft said...

Hey heather....just stopping by to check on you. You are looking great. Can't wait to see how you do at your show.

I'm struggling along..but at least I am still at it. I fell off the wagon for about a week, but I just have it in the back of mind that I can't face you and Jen at Phat camp without progress :) you two are my driving force, and I love you for that.

See you in Phx!