Friday, April 3, 2009

7 Weeks and it's time to EAT

Well the PARTIES are over:) LOL
The Princess party was great. Snow White called and the girls loved that they got to chat w/ her. The boys didn't like it so much. The little princesses stayed up till 12 and then were ready for pancakes at 7 am. I thought I was dreaming when I heard them up that early. Rozalee wanted to get down and play w/ them so bad.
Well, I'm at 110 and I'm liking how I look this far out. I'm ready to eat, so I know the diet/cardio is working. I'm still kicking my own butt in training.
Well off to train legs and eat more tilapia and asparagus:) Till next week


Lynne M said...

Looking awesome Heather!

I Don't Like Fire Ants said...

OMG I don't know where to start! You look great. The princesses are mah-velous. And look at the teeth getting ready to come in on Rozalee!

You gotta pack her up and send her to me, okay? I need my baby fix! LOL

Maryanne said...


Love the princess party girls too - thought those stay up to midnight parties were still a few years away!

Rozalee looks gorgeous - growing up so quickly.

Maryanne xxx

Ali said...

Heather, you look FANTASTIC, your 7weeks out is phenominal, holy crap (not that I should be surprised at all). I so want to get to that show to see you kick some booty.... it's not out of the realm of possibility yet. Keep going and inspiring.