Thursday, May 21, 2009

I finally made it to South Carolina

Well-where do I start???

We had a T-ball game last night and my friend Joyce spent the night so we could leave early this morning. My dearest husband made sure everything was in his car, oil changed, new tires, cleaned it and surprised me w/ a Good Luck Rose and hid a card above my sun-visor. He is SO sweet. (He decided his car was more dependable than my 99 Explorer. He couldn't come so he is taking the girls camping and then I'm meeting them at the campground on Sunday.

Joyce and I get on the road by 5am planning to arrive at 2pm. We are heading down the road when this "something" hits the car, I check and there is no damage-so we're back on our way. I happen to hear something and glance out the window and see SMOKE coming from the rear of the car. I pull over and have a FLAT TIRE. I get out and start changing it when Joyce sees smoke from across the road (someone threw out a cigarette) and the grass starts on fire. Within minutes, a state trooper pulls up and puts out the fire, then comes to us. I'm staying calm but got grease on my favorite capris-but no biggy. The issue comes when I remember that Kenny specially orders the tires for his car:) I call him and I also call AAA, just in case. The wrecker service gives me a few choices to call to see if I can find a tire-no luck then he thinks of another place-1 mile up the road. I call them and they have the tire and can put it on ASAP. THANK GOD. We get the spare on, drive a mile up the road, get a new tire, I do a little Phat Camp work while I'm waiting and we got on our way. No worries, and no need to stress about it. GOD was watching over us and I just had to laugh.

THEN, I get to my room and Lishia & Mike bring me a beautiful arrangement of flowers from them, Jen and Brian. It was so cool. My rose that Kenny gave me got put into a jug because I want it to last all weekend and didn't have anything to put it in until now.

I just finished a little cardio and I'm heading to BED.
I received my suit on Monday and the magazines on Tuesday-I'm having a great week. I can't wait to get home and make some Parrillo cupcakes w/ frosting and eat a Peanut Butter Chew and maybe a few other of their bars like a FRENCH TOAST bar for breakfast.... They are waiting for me in the camper-made sure I packed them before I left!!!!! Izabella is also waiting for me to get home because she's not allowed in the cupcakes till I get there....
God Bless and Good Night


Betsy said...

OH MY GOSH! Bearclaw, you rock! Im glad you made it there safely,,, do your best on stage, I know you will shine and I am always very proud and in awe of what you have accomplished. You have inspired so many!!!!! You handle your family, training, your career, all better than MOST people who don't have half of the responsibilities you have. You are the best and I admire you. Love you. B.

Kim said...

Congrats, heather! Enjoy your weekend and kick some butt! Looking forward to picking up an issue of the magz! You're a great inspiration :)

Mary M said...

HEY Bear....YOU ROCK girl!!! You have strength, courage and determination! YOU are already a WINNER!!!!!

I know you are going to do great! Your family has prepped you for adversity and like always chica you handled it with grace and class!

Way to Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock the house girl.

Crazy M

Angela said...

Good Luck!!!! Go rock that stage!!!!

Lisa said...

Loving your posts. Good luck. You'll do great. Enjoy your time in Charleston and on stage. You deserve it. Keep'em coming.

Kathy:)! said...

You're the AMAZING BEAR!!!