Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So sorry, I'm just getting to my blog. It was a long weekend. After the long day of competing, I slept 2 hours and started my 10 hour drive to the campground to be w/ my family. I was so excited to see them. There is no internet there so I couldn't do any updates.
As soon as I get my pics from Isaac, I'll post them on my site. If you ever get the chance to do a photo shoot w/ him-DO IT.
Well, I thought I looked pretty good, I was actually surprised how good I looked but the judges didn't thinks so. They didn't like me at all-but oh well. We all have opinions:) It's always nice to hear from others that they thought you got robbed. It's a game and I know this. No need to get stressed over it, I can't change it. I gave it my all an that's all that matters.
Thanks for Joyce riding w/ me and putting up w/ my hungry butt for 4 days. Thanks for all my cards, e-mails etc.. Thanks for Mike and Lishia keeping an eye on me.
Time to go do cardio:) Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.
There's more pics on musculardevelopment.com, if you want to check them out.


Mary M said...

Hey girl...you know you rocked it and that's what counts! You look amazing and you are #1 to ALL of us!

You are one of my biggest mentors and I am VERY proud of you!

You are a WINNER!

Can't wait to see you in a couple months!

Cheryl said...

Tough sport, so subjective....
Just know that you are #1 in all of our opinions!
Hope you had a great time iwth the family ......and eating again!!

Kathy:)! said...

Ditto to all the comments... You are one of my biggest mentors too! You looked great!!

I Don't Like Fire Ants said...

Judges were on crack. That's the only possible explanation in my book. :-)

Love ya girl! Always my hero!


Mommy Long Legs said...

As I said this weekend, you looked amazing. So what was the judges feedback if they didn't think you rocked it? What can we all learn from this so we can be better prepared? I get frustrated when I see someone so incredible with their body as you have done and then not to win arrrrggghhh! Pick up, dust off and try again because you will rock it with some damn judge!!!!

blyles22 said...

You are always the top Bitch in my book, mama! You look sooooooo freaking amazing! I am so pround of you. You are my hero!

Cathy said...

WOW!!! you look awsome!!! I hadn't been on your blog for a while. You look amazing!!