Friday, May 8, 2009

I am HONORED to Win

I have been announced as the winner of a Figure Suit Sponsorship from I am so honored. I will wear the suit w/ pride!
I can't Thank Amy OBrian enough. I'll post pics as soon as I receive it.
She also has tanks, flip flops, matching robes and much more. This is a way to never loose your items backstage. Check her out and tell her Heather Bear sent ya:)

I also wanted to let you all know that the t-ball game was a success. Our Wed. night game got cancelled but I'll get some pics up soon. The Little Bears made me PROUD.


Mary M said...

Congrats Chica!!!! That is AWESOME! You are almost to SHOW time!

Have a great day!


Angela said...


I cant link to that site though?

blyles22 said...

I told you! You will always win! Go Girl!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

hockeymomof3 said...

You are truly an inspiration to me! I'm digging down deep to find that discipline I know I have in there somewhere! I've recently gained about 10 pounds after starting birth control pills (for my periods) so now I'm feeling all depressed, my clothes don't fit, and now that makes 30 pounds to lose all together. My diet seems to fall apart later in the day and I know my workouts aren't as hard as they should be...compared to PHAT camp anyway. I just gotta get on it, NOW,in a serious kind of way. Are you doing any kind of online training? I've always dreamed of competing but feel like it's soooo far away, i would love to make it a dream come true but need serious help!!!!!

serenity said...

Hey Heather,
I don't know how anyone could have so little respect for your drive an discipline. You are an incredible inspiration, getting in work-outs and preparing meals etc.. with children, un-freakn-believable...keep rocking it, Serena.

Jessica said...

Hey girl! Just wanted to wish you the best this weekend! You WILL kick butt! You look amazing!
Love ya!