Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Best Husband EVER

My husband deserves DADDY OF THE YEAR.
He is not only a great dad but an awesome husband.
While I was competing this weekend, he packed the camper and girls up and went camping for 4 days. When I arrived at the campground people were telling me how lucky I am, because there husbands would even dare to adventure out camping w/ 2 young girls. They had a ball! I only have a few pics because I had the camera w/ me.
Izabella got to swim in the pool and lake. She called it the ocean!!! She had to take me in the gold cart to show me the beach:) I'm glad they had fun even though I wish they could of been there w/ me. Rozalee even met a little boyfriend, she was a few month younger but much bigger:) Sh ehas her mommy's appetite...


Mary M said...

See I told you YOU are a WINNER and You got the BEST prize Ever...LOVE!

Way to go Mr. Bear!

Betsy said...

Kenny is the best.
Remember, I got 11th out of 12 at nationals, seven months later I had a pro card. Heather Bear is ALWAYS a winner and I LOVE your butt!! (and legs:) hahah. xo B!!!

Kathy:)! said...

You are a lucky woman!! And here's the thing... when you google Heather Bear - 7 out of 10 hits is the real Heather Bear... that's what really counts!!! Fitness Model extradonaire!