Friday, April 9, 2010

Be Happy the Sun is out

It's so nice here in Indiana-it's just great to be alive, be surrounded by family and friends.

My grandma graduated from her PT and now gets to workout at home. Her PT ask me if I knew what the exercises were-HA HA I told him I'd love to put my grandma through a good workout at age 83. It was funny because they are basic curls, kickbacks, presses and lateral raises w/ 1 pound dbs. I told him - I think I can get it figured out:)

One of my clients wrote a paper on me. Her English project was to write about - How to Achieve Physical Fitness. She wrote about me training her and her sister. It was so great to read what she wrote about me. She got an A which was even sweeter. I have made pain Miranda's best friend and getting out of bed after legs is an obstacle. I love her descriptive writing:)
Physical Fitness takes both mind and body.

Well I trained back w/ John Parrillo for the 1st time and 3 days later I still can't get my shirt off-because my lats are still burning. They are pumped and look awesome though!!! I have never nor did I know you could train a back like that. My forearms hurt from doing rows-shows how I was training light. Nothing like doing pull-ups then doing pull-up pumps for 4 sets of 20 each and that was a warm-up. I got to do the hack squat yesterday-too much fun to explain. I am now learning that I wasn't pushing myself NEAR enough on my own. I will make changes now.

I have choose NOT to do Jr Nationals and just wait till I have totally changed my butt/legs and build a bigger back. The next time you see me on stage is when I know for a fact I'm going to kick some ass, I'm going to be able to kick young 20's girls butt.

Have a great weekend. Be happy to be alive and have what you do have-I am.


Kathy:)! said...

That's awesome! Big Back!! It's nice here too... Cardio outside! LOVE IT!

blyles22 said...

Glad to hear it Heather but you are flawless as it is! I am always rooting for ya! You have a timeframe or show in mind? Is he doing your diet too? Just Training?